Houston Astros: Four ways this team compares to the 93-95 Rockets

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 03: George Springer
HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 03: George Springer /
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Playoff Runs


When the Houston Rockets were making their incredible runs to the NBA Championship, people seem to forget just how talented the Western Conference was. While the Eastern Conference had the Chicago Bulls, the New York Knicks, and the Indiana Pacers just to name a few teams, the Western Conference was loaded with talent.

In the two playoffs, the Rockets faced four Western Conference powerhouses and their superstars.

  • The Portland Trailblazers with Clyde Drexler
    • Reached the NBA Finals in 1990 and 1992
  • The Utah Jazz with Karl Malone and John Stockton
    • Reached the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals
  • The Phoenix Suns with Charles Barkley
    • Reached the 1993 NBA Finals
  • The San Antonio Spurs with David Robinson
    • Reached the 1999 NBA Finals

The competition for the Rockets was brutally tough. They had to go through these four teams in the two playoff years just to reach the NBA Finals.  Even when they got there, they still had to face more competition in the Eastern Conference.

  • The New York Knicks with Patrick Ewing
    • Reached the 1994 NBA Finals
  • The Orlando Magic with Shaquille O’Neal
    • Reached the 1995 NBA Finals

In 1994, the Rockets defeated the Trailblazers 3-1. Then fell behind to the Phoenix Suns 2-0 before rallying to win the series in seven. After league MVP Hakeem Olajuwon help led the Rockets to beat the Utah Jazz 4-1, Houston trailed 3-2 to the Knicks before winning the series at home in seven.

1994-95 Rockets

The following year, the Rockets faced the Jazz and won 3-2 with a win on the road in Game 5. Despite falling behind 3-1 to the Suns, Houston rebounded and won thanks to the Kiss of Death. Then they knocked off the top-seeded Spurs 4-2 with League MVP David Robinson. Of course, the Rockets swept the Magic in four straight. All of this was achieved while the Rockets were the sixth seed.

Let’s see what the Houston Astros accomplished in their run.


The Houston Astros faced off against three elite storied franchises during their run.

  • The Boston Red Sox with Dustin Pedroia and Chris Sale.
    • 8 World Series Championships, 13 AL Pennants.
  • The New York Yankees with Aaron Judge
    • 27 World Series Championships, 40 AL Pennants
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers with Clayton Kershaw
    • 6 World Series Championships, 22 NL Pennants

When you look at the resume of these teams, it’s mind blogging to think we would have done this. But we did. We beat the Red Sox in four games with Game Four on the road. The Astros fell behind 3-2 and needed to win Games 6 and 7 at home. Then, with much everyone statistically picking the Dodgers, we defeated them in seven games.

Compare Notes

The Astros and Rockets…

  • Faced elite competition
  • Went 3-0 in elimination games (1994 Rockets)
  • Won game six and seven against a New York team.
  • Felt like underdogs in every series they were in.
  • Won a championship series in seven games.
  • Defeated a team with either an MVP or MVP candidate.
  • Went through a team that was the favorite to win a championship and won.

These are just a few examples of what both teams went through. But it doesn’t end there. There are other ties to the runs. One of which does not even involve the two teams. Yet, it plays a big role in the sagas.