Houston Astros: Sports Illustrated doubles down on George Springer

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 06: George Springer
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 06: George Springer /

It has been nearly a week since the Houston Astros have won the World Series and Sports Illustrated has decided to re-release the intuitive George Springer 2014 cover issue for us fans to enjoy!

The Houston Astros were able to complete what was the unthinkable just a few seasons ago by being able to seize a World Series championship this year.  This team went through baseball’s most storied franchises in the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers to take it all.  It, of course, wasn’t an easy feat but this team had to earn every bit to get to the promised land.

You know what?  That’s what makes it sweeter for us fans, that our Houston Astros went full grind in the World Series, taking it the distance.  The sweat, the strain, the full-out grit of this team is be admired and it truly will be one of the best memories of my life going forward.  I was 15-years-old when the Houston Rockets won their back-to-back championship and I do remember that moment dearly.

However, as an adult, this win is sweeter as I was able to celebrate — with my favorite beer — at my favorite watering hole.  It doesn’t get better than celebrating with hundreds of faithful fans that mark an accomplishment that’s so hard to attain.

But with the fluffy stuff aside, I’ve got some good news for you.  I have been wondering for ages how to get my hands on Ben Reiter’s Sports Illustrated cover story about his premonition of the Houston Astros winning the 2017 World Series.  This is the June 30, 2014 issue and although I thought it was the boldest of predictions, I thought in the back of mind that it could ring true with the current trajectory of this team’s development.

The 2014 season was quite uplifting from the previous, the team went 72-90 and most of us were just glad that they didn’t lose 100 games again.  They played spoiler to a lot of teams that thought they’d just roll over because of their gaudy record of futility as of late.  But that season was a stepping stone on the way to what I can call a renaissance-type of experience now as a fan.

How can you get your hands on the back issue?

Go to Sports Illustrated Back Issues Store and you’ll be able to order the memorable cover for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling!  I have the above sentence linked, so just click it if you’re ready to order now!  You can also have it framed for an additional cost so that the precious moment will be forever encapsulated in a protective barrier.

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I plan to frame my cover as it would go next to all of my Houston Astros memorabilia, right above the pair of bright orange Astrodome seats I purchased a couple of years to go in my sports shrine room.  What a complementing piece, especially if I can get Springer to autograph it one of these days!

What else you have the ability to seize?

In addition, SI has also released a 2017 commemorative issue with two different covers with a transitional one featuring World Series MVP George Springer and a more conventional-sided feature with Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa donned in the orange unis that we love the most.  Or at least I do.

You can either purchase the cover here, or purchase an affordable package, including a 100+ page book that relives their historic run here.

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Whatever you decide, be a part of history and have a piece of a moment that we’ll never forget as Houston Astros fans.  There may be more championships in store but it’s never sweeter than the first.  It’s just hard to fathom how incredible it is to be a fan of this team at this time.

Go Astros!