Houston Texans: Not signing Colin Kaepernick is a huge mistake

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 04: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick
CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 04: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick /

The Houston Texans injury woes continue to pile up with Deshaun Watson being out for the season but not even considering Colin Kaepernick in the fold will prove to be a huge mistake if they want to win multiple games.

It’s official Houston Texans fans — as you know, our beloved rookie quarterback in Deshaun Watson is out for the season and we won’t be seeing him out on the field any time soon.  He should be ready for training camp at the start of the 2018 season.  But since his return seems so far away, it’s time to focus on the now to ensure that this team is competitive.

Of course, Tom Savage has been named the starter with recent signee T.J. Yates added to the roster as the backup.  This is Yates’ third tour of duty with the Houston Texans and he certainly knows how this offense operates and can be even more dynamic than Tom Savage.  In addition, for depth purposes, the Houston Texans also signed former Oakland Raiders backup Matt McGloin to the roster as well.

McGloin does have familiarity with Bill O’Brien‘s offensive system and could transition to what he wants quite quickly but it would be expected that the two of three aforementioned quarterbacks will get time out on the field.

But do any of these give us a chance to win multiple games?

It’s not likely as each of these quarterbacks are traditional pocket passers and need a dominant offensive line to operate.  Yates does have the ability to use his legs to move the chains but he’s no DW4 which is certainly the obvious thing to say in this situation.

With the AFC South still being wide open for the taking with us, the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars all jockeying for position, we need all of the talent we need to keep this team in position to win the maximum amount of games as possible.

None of these emanate that type of feeling when rolled off the tongue. 

But you know who would?  I’m talking about Colin Kaepernick, a guy that has been literally blackballed by the league because of his protests in regard to immense amount of police violence against African-Americans as of late.  Although racial discrimination is nothing new in the America that we live in, it’s important that Kaepernick bring it to light because I honestly believe people don’t know how bad it is or just refuse to listen to the truth.

When I’ve talked about these concerns in various avenues, there are many that just don’t understand why he’s kneeling during the national anthem and that he’s just being defiant.  But when I explain the reasoning as to why, then it makes sense for most.

Yes, the national anthem is not necessarily the conventional venue to express a concern but it’s the correct one to use.  What other moment during a fast-paced NFL game could a player use to protest?  It’s the moment when all are watching, dropping whatever they’re doing to put their hand over their heart to captivate themselves in allegiance.

Once the game starts, we as fans start to multi-task again, going back to our smartphones, heading to the concession stands and whatever we normally do to take in the game experience whether at the venue or in the comfort of our own homes.

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Sure, it can make many uncomfortable but that’s what a protest is all about, bringing to light a situation that makes us all uneasy.  I personally will stand and put my hand over my heart during the national anthem but I’m in full support of what Kaepernick is doing.

This certainly would allude to as to why it shouldn’t matter that he’s signed with an NFL team whether he kneels or not.  The Houston Texans did so in a peaceful manner this past Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks on the road and they didn’t much flak, as I expected.  You know why?  Because they were in unity with what they wanted to do — most of the players took a knee — and quickly got back to work after that moment.

Kaepernick exudes the qualities of a leader — an important trait of a quarterback — and would be just as dynamic as Watson if he had been signed to the Texans.  He is an excellent runner and would be able to get this offense moving as it had been under Watson’s tutelage.  Their career completion percentages are quite similar — Kaepernick (59.8) and Watson (61.8) — plus Colin has been in a Super Bowl for Pete’s Sake!

But you know what?  A signing is not going to happen because we all know that Bob McNair deeply lined the pockets of the president’s campaign and he has gone on the record to say that anybody participating in these protests should be fired.  Not that it’s already an issue that a sitting president is influencing a private business on a decision but the fact that it’s just plain wrong to do.

The First Amendment is in the U.S. Constitution for a reason and it would be blasphemous if anybody abridged that right.  But one of the most pivotal and lawful protections we have as citizens has been used against him and he’s now without a job.

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He should get a shot to do what he loves regardless but I’m not sure if he will be able to.  Until then, these protests will continue and the NFL will just have deal it on Sundays in and out.

Because of what I’ve talked about, it’s a travesty that this man has not been signed to this team as I’d welcome him with open arms.  But I think he still has a bright future ahead, whatever that may be lined up for him.  Welp.