Houston Astros vs LA Dodgers: Why Alex Bregman is just getting started

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 24: Alex Bregman
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 24: Alex Bregman /

The Houston Astros were able to get their first World Series win in franchise history and third baseman Alex Bregman was a huge contributor of it all.

The Houston Astros’ offense has been up-and-down throughout the playoffs with a plethora of peaks and valleys.  I wouldn’t expect this team to go out and crush multiple homers every night but I’d expect someone out there to at least go out and make plays to help this win.

Last night’s thriller of a Game 2 was perhaps one of the best games I’ve ever seen as an Houston Astros fan in my lifetime.  I went through such a roller coaster of emotions, you could compare my personal witnessing of such event as an excerpt of Jekyll and Hyde.  Yes, I went from one extreme to another, biting my nails which each shining moment that fleeted me.

The Houston Astros 7-6 win was one that they earned and the story line of the whole game teetered and tottered like a seesaw.  But that’s what happens when you have two excellent teams going after it in the postseason.  As you know, the Houston Astros have never won a World Series and the Los Angeles Dodgers are seeking their first in nearly 30 years.

It was a glorified game of chess whether it was the key Carlos Correa single to center or the Joe Pederson homer as well as the Marwin Gonzalez homer to the one that Corey Seager hit.  A.J. Hinch and Dave Roberts were the chess masters, each moving their pieces strategically to try to win this game and it was the Houston Astros that remained triumphant.

George Springer had perhaps the most clutch performance that I’ve ever seen with his ability to score Cameron Maybin off a home run to right center, putting the Astros up 7-5, which was essentially the game winner.  Although Charlie Culberson tried to get the Dodgers back into tying status, the Astros played enough intense defense to hold them off.  Although Ken Giles‘ performance was mixed at best, Chris Devenski came in with his calm, cool and collective demeanor to efficiently close out the game in 11 innings.

But do you know who has remained constant throughout this postseason as well as the preceding regular season?

Alex Bregman!  He continues to show why he such a rare talent at his position and it gives the Astros a platoon of sorts at shortstop.  Although he’s a third baseman, both he and Correa make for a incredible punch on defense in the infield.  I’d put the 5-6 combo against anybody in this league because of this.  They’re young, hungry and I hope they’re Houston Astros for a long time.

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Since the All-Star Break, he has been LIGHTS OUT!  Bregman’s slash line is .315/.367/.536 with a .903 OPS versus a .256/.338./.419 line with a .757 OPS before the second half of the season.  He has 11 homers versus eight homers respectively and 41 strikeouts to 56 as well.

For this series, his line is .300/.300/.700 with a 1.000 OPS with one home run as well as two ribbies and no strikeouts.  Although his performance on the stat sheet is less than desired in the ALCS against the New York Yankees, he still has done numerous things to keep this team afloat.  If Altuve isn’t getting the pop he wants out of the bat, you can better believe that Bregman is going to follow with a something of his own.

He accounted for our only run scored in Game 1 and his clutch defense — especially last night — proved to be fruitful in helping the Astros win.  His clutch, eye-opening catch over Justin Turner‘s screamer through the infield was one of the best that I’ve ever seen.  In just split seconds, he was able to get his glove out and devour any chance of the Dodgers trying to tie the game back up at seven a piece.

I’m positive that Bregs will be around for a long time with the Astros because his value to the team continues to increase with each day.  The 23-year-old won’t be a free agent for the next six years so the franchise has that club control and could likely get by for awhile without having to pay him a mega deal.  If he keeps this up, he’ll get it but until then, it’s going to be fun watching this guy play baseball.

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I certainly hope to see more clutch plays for the former 2nd pick of the 2015 MLB draft as well as the number sake for his own jersey he wears night in and out.

Go Astros!