Houston Astros vs Yankees ALCS 2017: Why it’s a generational battle

HOUSTON, TX - JULY 01: Didi Gregorius
HOUSTON, TX - JULY 01: Didi Gregorius /
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HOUSTON, TX – JULY 01: Carlos Correa
HOUSTON, TX – JULY 01: Carlos Correa /

The Houston Astros-New York Yankees Connection

There is no history with us and the Yankees although there is a connection.

In 1962, we were formed. Guess who won the World Series that year? The Bronx Bombers.

Our first preseason game in the Astrodome was against the Yankees. Who hit the first home run? Mickey Mantle.

1981 was a golden chance to get to the World Series. Had we beaten Los Angeles, we would’ve probably defeated Montreal. Then who was the AL representative that year? The Evil Empire.

Remember the classic moment in Seinfeld when George is calling the Houston Astros executives on a plane?  Take a look at the clip HERE.

Well, Roger Clemens, Andy Petitte, Brian McCann, and Carlos Beltran all came to Houston to help us win.

Did you know the New York Yankees had the longest streak of games without being no-hit since 1958 by Hoyt Wilhelm? What happened on June 11, 2003?

As one can see, the connection between the teams is incredible. But there’s more.

  1. Justin Verlander won game three of the 2012 ALCS against the Yankees. He’s now a teammate of Dallas Keuchel, who won the 2015 Wild Card game against the New York.
  2. The first pick of the 1995 MLB Draft was Phil Nevin who went to the Houston Astros. The second pick belonged to the Yankees and they drafted a shortstop named Derek Jeter.
  3. Randy Johnson pitched half a year in 1998 for the Houston Astros. He then signed with the Diamondbacks and won a World Series in 2001. The team that they beat was the next team he played for. Those Darn Yankees.
    1. Oh and Luis Gonzalez, the man who had the walk-off hit then? He was a former Astro.
  4. In the 1977 tv-movie, Murder at the World Series, the Houston Astros win the World Series. The real World Series winner? Mr. October and the fighting Yanks.

So just to give you an idea as to why there’s a connection between us, all of this leads up to this series.

But now we go into another club. In fact, we got two clubs that we can either join.