Houston Rockets: Acquiring Dwyane Wade should be a possibility

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 03: Dwyane Wade
HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 03: Dwyane Wade /

Within the next few months, Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls are expected to reach a buyout agreement, should the Houston Rockets pursue the future Hall-of-Famer?

After they acquired Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers this summer, the Houston Rockets have a quarter of the Banana Boat Bubbies in Clutch City. And if they can finally pull off a trade for Carmelo Anthony, the Houston Rockets may be a possible destination to land an unhappy LeBron James next summer.

However, before thinking about landing one of the game’s greatest player, Daryl Morey and the Houston Rockets may have the opportunity to land one of the greatest guards to ever play, Dwyane Wade.

According to ESPN‘s Nick Friedell, the Chicago Bulls are expected to reach a buyout agreement with the 12-time all-star, and it could happen before the end of the year. And it is easy to understand why the Bulls has reached this conclusion regarding Wade.

"Dwyane Wade isn’t expected to be long for the organization’s future, as nobody would be surprised if he decided not to stick around for a season in the tank and instead chooses to reach a buyout agreement at some point in the next few months."

Following the trade that since Jimmy Butler to Minnesota, the deal was a clear indication that the Bulls are fully committed to a rebuild.

Heading into the 2017-18 season, the average age of the Bulls’ roster is 24-years-old, which is not an ideal situation for a 35-year-old Wade.

If a buyout is reached, the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers are among the top two suitors looking to add his talents, but the Rockets should look into adding his services as well.

Although Wade isn’t the same player who once averaged 34.7 points in the NBA Finals, he can still be a valuable member of the Rockets potential championship run next season.

With James Harden as the Rockets unquestionable starter, Wade’s services can be used the same way as Manu Ginobili in San Antonio.

Ginobili, like Wade, was once one of the NBA’s most electrifying guards and a force to reckon with on the nightly basis. However, once Ginobili reached the downside of his career, he was still an estimable member of the Spurs doing their championship title run in 2014.

By taking a less and productive role, it led to several more seasons for Ginobili in his career. And the same can be said for Wade.

By losing Lou Williams in the trade for Chris Paul, the Rockets are in desperate need for another guard off the bench. Sure, Eric Gordon is still in Houston, but he is more effective when playing off the ball, unlike Wade.

With Wade, the Rockets would not need him to carry a heavy scoring load, but more so the playmaking responsibilities for the second unit.

After accumulating more than 21,000 points throughout his career, Wade’s play making abilities have gone unappreciated over the years. Entering his 15th season in the league, D-Wade has recorded 5,172 assists throughout his illustrious NBA career.

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What many fans fail to realize is that Wade began his career as a point guard for the Heat during his rookie season.

So while playing in a lineup with Gordon and PJ Tucker on the nightly basis, Wade would not be unfamiliar with responsibility for a point guard while in Houston.

In addition to his ability to create, the Rockets would benefit having another closer next to CP3 and The Beard. Especially if Houston find themselves in a seven-game series against the Golden State Warriors next season.

Although Last season was his worst since his rookie year, Wade proved he can still be a productive player averaging 18.3 points, 3.8 assists, and 4.5 rebounds in 60 games for the Bulls.

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With his passion to capture another NBA title, perhaps Wade is the missing piece to push the Rockets over the edge in the Western Conference.

Let’s Go D-Wade!