Houston Rockets: Do They Have Their Priorities Straight?


As things get near the midpoint of the season, Houston Rockets are 27-9 and have exceeded many “experts” expectations.

As things get near the midpoint of the season, Houston Rockets are 27-9 and have exceeded many “experts” expectations.

After the hiring of head coach Mike D’Antoni, the signing of free agents Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon, the decision to let Dwight Howard walk many people (including Rockets fans) was a controversial one.

Many did not know what direction this team was going.

The “hot take” lines were blowing up, some people said the Rockets wouldn’t even win 30 games and would be poised to be in the lottery.

Others thought a defensive minded approach was needed, and that the hiring of D’Antoni didn’t make any sense considering his offensive minded reputation.

Now fast forward to today…

The Rockets are third in the Western Conference, James Harden is in MVP talks and the team is playing at one of the highest levels since the 2014-15 season when they were runner-up to the Golden State Warriors, the West Champs.

Among the excitement the Rockets organization is in full James Harden promotion mode. Every other day there is a new promo video to get him votes to the all-star game and fans are full in on the MVP hype train.

So much so some fans and local media are questioning the Rockets priorities this season.

Is it to get your star into the all star game and win an individual award, or is the main focus a championship? In hindsight it’s  as silly question and the logic is terrible.

After Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors, everyone was under the general consensus that it would be another rematch between them and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Despite being more than 30 games into the season, most fans still feel that way.

So as a fan of the Rockets why not cheer for Harden’s MVP case?

Most folks counted him and the Rockets out anyway, why not celebrate his success?

As long as the players and coaches goal is to win a championship, who cares what the fans cheer for and what the organization posts on social media?

It’s clear the team has different expectations than the rest of the NBA has set for them, and in the end that is all that matters.

Let’s hope that this amazing trend for the Rockets continues as they head toward the finish line.