NFL Draft 2016 Round 3: Houston Texans Select Braxton Miller

With the 85th pick in Round 3 of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select…

Braxton Miller!

For the first time in recent memory, the Texans have pretty much filled their off season needs via free agency before the draft.

The Texans went out and nabbed top free agents in Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller to plug the gaping holes vacated by Arian Foster and whomever was the flavor of the week under center.

But the draft certainly comes at the right time where supplemental needs are to be filled.

Now is the time more than ever to ensure that the Texans can’t miss in these later rounds because a lot of these guys found will likely have a solid role on our roster.

You don’t have to take my word for it, ESPN’s Trey Wingo has mentioned that the 33 percent of an NFL team’s final roster are filled with picks in Rounds 4 through 7.

That’s an interesting stat so the Texans will need to do everything they can to make it count and ensure that our fan base is proud of their work.

After all, it’s the fans that our the fuel to the NFL’s massive engine right?

I’m thrilled that the Texans were able to find some quality help in this round and Miller could certainly be someone we’d see regularly lined up on offense.

Ahhh, Braxton Miller, where do I start?

You know the name, you know what he’s capable of and he’s with the Houston Texans ya’ll!

Life was a bit tough for Miller as he had to transition from being the quarterback for Ohio State to be lined up as a wide receiver in 2015, his senior year.

It was an unfortunate shoulder injury that occurred in 2014 that caused him to lose his job to eventually Cardale Jones.

But it’s his speed and explosiveness that continues to make him a valued commodity and that’s why he’s here.

Although is opportunities at receiver were a lot more limited than when he was under center, Miller still made the best of the plays that were presented to him.

His 6’1,” 201-pound frame with 31 3/4-inch arms and 9 1/8-inch hands are more than adequate for him to be successful at the position.

With an already loaded receiving corps the Texans have, I suspect Miller will be brought in for the straight-line, up-field routes which certainly works toward his strengths.

He has the type of speed that can elude defenders left and right and it’ll be interesting to see how this staff brings him along.

The beef that most people have about him is that he just doesn’t have enough experience at the receiving position to be a sure-fire success in the NFL.

Catching the deep ball is his greatest asset and shorter routes may not necessarily be his cup of tea just yet.

But you know what?

He won’t have to learn quickly as he’ll have some time to be coached and I think he has the potential to do some extensive damage if brought along correctly.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s some analysis from the experts:

Ohio State University Head Coach Urban Meyer:

“He has a great skill set. He was a back-to-back player of the year in the Big Ten. He’s a very elusive player and has top-end speed. He was a great teammate; elected captain for us.”

SportsTalk 790AM’s Jayson Braddock:

Pro Football Focus:

So more than likely we’re going to see Miller as a slot receiver, something the Texans have sought out for quite some time.

The sky is certainly the limit for Miller and it’s going to be damn fun to watch this guy do work for the Texans.

Yes, I’ll have to look at putting in an order for his jersey as well!

Miller caught 24 balls for 329 yards and three touchdowns as well as 40 carries for 234 yards and one rush TD on the ground for the Buckeyes in 2015.

Go Texans.