Houston Texans 7 Round Mock Draft – 1.0

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The Houston Texans have made more moves in free agency this offseason than any years in their history in terms of level of significance of those moves.  In doing so, they have filled most of their needs and will walk into the 2016 NFL draft with the ability to theoretically take the best player available.

Every NFL teams says that they take best player available, but very few draft picks are made that don’t address a need either short term or long term for any team.

The Texans signed Brock Osweiler in large part so that they wouldn’t have to trade a handful of draft picks to move up or wait for a rookie quarterback to develop and be ready to start.  Because of that and other moves, they can now take best player available AND fill their other needs.

The Texans decided to move on from Arian Foster and signed Lamar Miller to replace him, but does that mean that they won’t draft a runningback?  No, don’t be surprised if they still look to draft another young player in the backfield.

The Texans lost guard Brandon Brooks in free agency but replaced him with quite possibly a better player in Jeff Allen.  They also lost Ben Jones when the Titans decided to overpay him, but the Texans brought in Tony Bergstrom, a former 2nd round pick that has struggled to stay healthy.  They also have a prospect already on their roster in Greg Mancz, who has the potential to replace Jones.

We’ve touched on the Texans needs in the past, some have been filled, some lesser needs remain.

At the moment, the Texans’ primary needs are:  Wide Receiver – Defensive End – Tight End – Center

Secondary needs: Offensive Tackle – Running Back – Safety – Inside Linebacker

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