Rockets: Six Spectacular All-Time Clutch Shots

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#5) Dec. 9, 2004:  “The T-Mac Attack” Takes Down The San Antonio Spurs

This was truly one of the most peculiar and invigorating moments in Rockets’ history as far as my recent recollections.

I recall it vividly — I was 23-years-old and was in attendance at this game and fans had already had starting filing for the exits as the Rockets were down by 10 points with less than a minute to go.

I never leave a Rockets game early — partly because I want to get my bang for my buck and to also to whet my curiosity of the “anything can happen” mantra in a pro basketball game.

That’s exactly what transpired…

As the available seats in the upper bowl started to become vast, I started to make my way down to the lower level to where I found a perfect spot on the terrace at the building’s lower level.

One of the friendly, bright red-vested Toyota Center ushers gladly obliged in terms of allowing me watch up close the miracle that was taking place.

What was the miracle?

Tracy McGrady scored 13 points in 35 seconds including the game-winning three with 1.7 seconds left to put the Rockets on top 81-80 accompanied with an electrifying Marv Albert call.

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I still have the ticket stub from the game — to which I treasure — and I talk about that game proudly any time this moment comes up in casual conversation.

I wish the T-Mac and Yao Ming-era would’ve brought us championships as they were the cornerstones but none of them could stay healthy.

But one things for sure, those two guys along with the supporting cast made for some exciting basketball that makes me proud to this day.

McGrady finished with 33 points, eight rebounds and five steals in a improbable win causing many Rockets’ fans to scratch their head in regard to how in the heck did that happen?

But it was an exhilarating clutch moment and McGrady deserves a mention on my list!

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