Houston Astros Marwin Gonzalez: HOH’s Week 15 Silver Star Winner


It’s that time.

We’re now just past the midpoint as the All-Star break came to a close and the Astros are no longer losers of their last six games.

They’re winners once again — and hopefully this awful losing streak becomes a distant memory.

But scenarios like these happen — it was inevitable.

With Major League Baseball having such a long season, there’s going to be rough patches where teams wonder if they’re ever going to get right.

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Good teams eventually do and that’s how I feel the Astros will fare for the second half.

It’s clearly obvious that this team is lacking something, not anything major, but just the right mix to keep this team fighting for their playoff livelihood.

You know what it is?

It’s starting pitching, you can never have enough arms to support one’s rotation and it’s apparent that we’re hurting for a bit more talent in those positions.

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Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason
Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason /

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  • Right now, Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh, Scott Feldman, Lance McCullers and Brett Oberholtzer will hold it down until Jeff Luhnow and his boys figure things out.

    The chatter continues to get louder for us to sign a steady righty in Johnny Cueto but there’s a whole bunch of teams in line for his services as well.

    The Astros just have to beat the other guys to the punch.

    We’ve got arguably the best farm system in the majors, they need start dangling some ripe crop for trade so that way they and we get what we want.

    Getting Cueto would certainly be in the category.

    We could also use a bit of help in the catching department although Jason Castro and Hank Conger haven’t been deplorable at their craft but there’s still room for some improvement.

    There’s just not honestly a lot of offensive catchers out there that are available for the taking.

    I honestly can’t think of one off the top of my head.

    But other than that, this team has the ability to hum along without a hitch and I do see that happening.

    But there’s one guy that has been extremely important to this team and despite the multitude of roster changes/cuts, he continues to be one of the men standing as the swirling dust settles from uncertainty.

    Because of this, excellence deserves to be recognized — today on that type of basis continuously, we will honor an individual player that made the most impact in helping the team, despite whether it resulted in a win or a loss.

    We’ve dubbed it House of Houston Silver Star Award

    And this week’s Silver Star Award goes to…

    Marwin Gonzalez!

    Yes, MarGo gets the nod for this week because he continues to prove his worth to this franchise.

    I mean come on, any employer values an employee that is multi-faceted and he is truly our utility guy in every sense of the word.

    Stick him at short stop, put him at third base, switch him to outfield, he’s proven that he can fill-in for just about every position with the exception of pitching.

    And I’m sure he’s even flirted with the idea but then finally came to senses realizing that there’s a lot of talent out there to do that.

    But during those rough couple of seasons leading up to this one, I’d have to wonder if he had the thought even more so.

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    But as long as he does what he does best, there’s going to be a spot for him with the Astros.

    You can bank on it.

    For the short week, MarGo batted .444 with four hits and one double through three games and nine at-bats.  His OPS remains team tops for the week at 1.056.

    Keep it up Marwin — H-Town has your back!

    Go ‘Stros!

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