Houston Astros Jose Altuve: HOH’s Week 13 Silver Star Winner


What a week!

Your Houston Astros have been stirring the pot and it’s of no importance to them who they’re facing!

They’ve been kicking tail and taking names one-by-one.

Despite the challenges that they face, this team forges ahead and continues to not lose sight of the ultimate goal — to keep winning baseball games!

At 48-34, the Astros have a five-game lead over the Los Angeles Angels and possess one of the best records in the majors.

With their gritty 12-8 win in 10 innings over the Boston Red Sox, they’ve won six of their last eight and are currently on a five-game win streak.

It makes that six-game losing streak that they had weeks ago a distant memory!

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We’ve had quite a few injuries but with our farm system being in such a ripe state to pluck our crop, this machine of a team keeps humming along with precision with the guys we call up.

Domingo Santana, a regular contributor?

Alex Presley making plays?

I thought that was the last we’d see out of Presley but he’s back and made a hell of play early in the Astros’ win!

The Astros still lead MLB in home runs (116), third in stolen bases (66), 5th in ribbies (341) and 6th in team OPS (.738).

On the other hand, they’re 1st in strikeouts (754) and 26th in batting average (.241).

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Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason
Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason /

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  • But forget the negatives, it doesn’t matter, this team can still win because it has figured out the exact science of timely hitting — knowing when to hit and where it hurts.

    The formula to the Astros’ success is quite simple but assembling the right players to execute that said is a more difficult task.

    You can give that credit to general manager Jeff Luhnow, assistant GM David Stearns and skipper A.J. Hinch who has done an incredible job keeping this resurgence all together.

    But there’s one guy that’s heating up and you should never, ever, ever forget about him even though he has a hell of a supporting cast now.

    There were times were he was the cast and the rolling credits would all be attributed to him.

    Not anymore.

    Because of this, excellence deserves to be recognized — today on that type of basis continuously, we will honor an individual player that made the most impact in helping the team, despite whether it resulted in a win or a loss.

    We’ve dubbed it House of Houston Silver Star Award

    And this week’s Silver Star Award goes to…

    Jose Altuve!

    I knew it would be eventual but Altuve finally gets our weekly award.

    He has been tearing it up and you know what?

    I think he’s got a chip on his shoulder because he continued to trail Omar Infante in voting for the starting position at 2nd base in the Midsummer Classic.

    He should be the starter but because there was a huge wave of Kansas City Royals fan votes, Altuve has taken the back-burner.

    Say it’s not so!

    But the type of games he has had since his return from injury a couple of weeks back resembles the Altuve of old.

    He continues to make inroads on a 11-game streak where he has recorded at least one hit!

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    He had three hits tonight and was making play-after-play to keep the Astros in the game.

    For the week, Altuve has hit .318 with seven hits, six ribbies, and two homers with 22 at-bats in six games!

    He’s got an all-access pass to the bases with a admirable 1.059 OPS!


    I’m not sure what he did while he was out but he seems to have found himself and needs to keep doing what has been working at the plate!

    Go Astros and go Jose!

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