Houston Texans: Has Bill O’Brien Made His Decision?


With organized team activities (OTAs) well underway and about to come a close, the Houston Texans are working hard toward preparing for the upcoming season.

Today is the last day OTAs before the start of mandatory mini-camp that will occur this Tuesday.

And you know what?

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The battle for the position of starting quarterback is as fierce as ever!

But despite how we feel that this said battle will be drawn out to training camp and beyond, Bill O’Brien provided some interesting tidbits about how the competition is going.

Could the starter be locked up in June?

Here’s what O’Brien told NFL.com:

"“That decision may be made before training camp,” O’Brien said. “They’re out here competing (in OTAs and at mandatory minicamp) every single day, and it’s pretty intense. So, we may pick a guy very soon. And if we don’t, and the decision does go into training camp, it’ll be made pretty early on. The team needs to know who the guy is, and we need to go forward.”"

I’m glad he feels that way.

It was kind of driving me crazy not knowing who will be under center next season and it’s great for the guys in locker room to know who their leader is.

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  • It’s currently a competition between veteran Brian Hoyer, last season holdover/success story Ryan Mallett and sophomore quarterback Tom Savage.

    Who do I think will come out the victor?

    Well thank you for asking!

    It will be Hoyer and for two reasons.

    1.)  He has a bit more experience under center.

    2.)  He is the highest-paid quarterback on the roster.

    Hoyer, in the league for nearly six seasons, was the Cleveland Browns signal-caller for parts of two seasons starting three games in 2013 and 13 of those in 2014.  Mallett has started only a piddly two games over his career of nearly four seasons in comparison.

    He just signed a two-year, $10.5 million contract with $4.75 million guaranteed versus Mallett who signed for two years, $7 million with $1.75 million guaranteed.

    Although the gap isn’t as wide, why would you pay Hoyer a few million more?

    He’s the veteran, not yet proven but this is the reason why O’Brien brought him in — he thinks he’ll be the guy — especially with the past rapport they had when they were members of the New England Patriots.

    Mallett displayed flashes of brilliance against the Browns during Week 11 (Nov. 16) last season, taking charge and exemplifying the traits of a leader.

    But mark my words — Hoyer is going to win that job.

    This is not particularly what I want because I like Mallett’s scrappy attitude but it’s something we’ll witness.

    Unless Hoyer really stinks it up — it’s quite possible — Mallett will be next quarterback available to go in if needed and Savage will be relegated to his usual position — holding the clipboard.

    Remember last off-season?

    Ryan Fitzpatrick had all but locked up the position as he was the most experienced out of the crop of Case Keenum, Savage and eventually Mallett.

    O’Brien was high on Fitz because of his leadership capabilities and his ability to adequately carry out the instructions that have been set forth in the playbook.

    He was the veteran that had been in the league more than a decade so he was obvious pick right?

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    That’s what we thought.

    When the season started, we were hopeful of his success but it seemed to take a spiral downward as he became good ‘ol Saint Nick, giving defensive backs the wonderful gift of a pick.

    It got ugly, we hated it, but you know what?

    I won’t be like this season.

    We’re going to be pleasantly surprised as far as how we’ll see continuity and stability at that position.

    These guys know what O’Brien wants and will work their darnedest to make sure that they deliver.

    That’s why they’re here.

    Here’s what O’Brien had to say about that:

    "“Both guys are competitive as hell,” O’Brien said. “We feel like we have two really good guys. I know people on the outside aren’t high on our quarterbacks, but I feel really good about our situation.”"

    Until then, sit back, relax and get your popcorn ready for the official announcement!

    Go Texans!

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