Taking A Look At The Houston Texans After Free Agency


The Houston Texans could have another minor signing before the draft, but the 2015 free agency period seems all but over. There was some good, some bad, some laughs, and some tears. Overall, it was a solid free agency.

Let’s take a look at our favorite professional Houston football team after their recent acquisitions.

It’s obvious that the front office wanted to keep the key players in house, which is the way to go. Thus, Derek Newton is now the 2nd highest paid right tackle and Kareem Jackson is the 14th highest paid cornerback.

These were my least favorite free agency moves. Even though that it was Newton’s only solid season as a pro, I’m comfortable with him receiving top dollars because he played at a level that deserves it. He showed that he could be a top right tackle in the league, playing at a very high level in 2014. However, KJax was overpaid. Period. There’s no argument that could sway me otherwise. Why?

Well, maybe because the guy has never played like a top 15 corner in his career. Save it. I get he is important to the defense. I get he was a top priority to get back. But how can you pay a guy for something he has never done? Maybe he can be a number one cornerback. I’m not saying he can’t. I’m saying that all he has shown us so far, is that he is a solid number 2. That’s it.

Now, enough of the negativity. This was a good free agency. Even Jackson’s silly contract has a silver lining due to the Texans to being able to keep Johnathan Joseph for his final season by only having a $1 million base hit in ’15.

Derek Newton. Kareem Jackson. Who else am I missing?

Nov 23, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Mallett (15) rolls out of the pocket against the Cincinnati Bengals at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, of course. Mr. Houston himself: Ryan Mallett. The Texans were able to keep their mystery man away from the Jets, who was reportedly offered double what he got here. Talk about a miracle. Oh, I almost forgot! We also landed Brian Hoyer! Franchise QB: check.

Kidding. But I am a fan of the Hoyer signing, IF he starts off as a backup to Mallett. And if Mallett doesn’t work out or gets injured, Hoyer will at least make the rest season interesting.

The Texans also brought in some promising new faces. Nate Washington and Cecil Shorts aren’t the sexiest of names, I know. But where have I seen this story before?

Brandon Lafell and Danny Amendola with the Patriots. Yes, I get we don’t have anyone close to Tom Brady throwing the ball. But I will be very interested if the Texans can replicate that “Patriots magic” by turning someone’s trash into their own treasure. And let’s be real: the Texans are trying to be like the Patriots. If Shorts can stay healthy, he can be something. And Nate Washington, who had some nice seasons with the Titans, is a solid veteran pickup. These acquisitions have put a band-aid on the bleeding at the WR position, so the issue isn’t pressing. Well, not at this exact moment, anyway.

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And let’s not forget our two new defensive starters. Signing Rahim Moore and Vince Wilfork was the highlight of free agency, both an upgrade at their respective positions. DC Romeo Crennel will have lots of fun with his new (and improved) toys.

Overall, the Texans are a better team than they were in December. There are still things to address, but they upgraded at different positions and brought back important players, even if it was for a little bit too much money. Oh, and trading Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum for some draft picks wasn’t too shabby either.

Teams don’t win in March but the Texans did a good job of adding players to give them a better squad than they had when they ended the season.

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