Houston Texans: Farewell And Good Luck, Case Keenum!


Within a day of the announcement of Case Keenum being waived by the Houston Texans, another team has beckoned for his services.


The St. Louis Rams.

His career has now received a breath of new life by a team that is in dire need of a quarterback.

For the first time in his career since starring at Wylie High School in wide and high prairies of North Texas, he will not be associated with any team bearing the city of Houston’s name.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here’s what he told the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain at Hobby Airport while getting ready to catch a plane to St. Louis:

He will be leaving the state of Texas to continue to pursue the dream that he has had since he knew what a football was and how to use it.

I think this is the best for him because he’ll be working with the highly-experienced Jeff Fisher — a coach that has been around for quite some time — about 20 years to be exact — that will know how best to utilize them in their scheme to win.

I’m not questioning Bill O’Brien‘s football aptitude — he’s one of the greater, respected minds of pro football — but, to be honest, his body of work is just beginning in the NFL as a head coach.

It’s just simply the fact that a change of scenery could work wonders for Keenum.

But think about it, I can only imagine how devastating it is to be waived after working so hard to get better at one’s craft.

The NFL is a business and has that “what have you done for me lately” type mentality.

And as of late, he hadn’t done much in front of the coaching staff eyes, although you could see in his eyes that he was trying.

Unfortunately, the same things were happening where he’d get blitzed to a point to where he is running out of his mind just to avoid from getting creamed.

Keenum finished 28-for-54 for 254 yards with zero touchdowns to two interceptions for a 53.1 quarterback rating this past preseason.

For a person who is trying to make their argument to make the team, those aforementioned numbers simply do not cut the mustard.

Keenum was as graceful as some of his finer moments on the field by praising the Texans according to McClain:

Nonetheless, I was looking forward for Case to be the permanent starting quarterback for the Texans.

But now I understand that it just wasn’t meant to be.

It would’ve been the high point of a narrative that just couldn’t be made up.

His whole career, when he has been called up for duty, he did what was asked and excelled at it.

He is now being challenged and I have no doubt that he will up to it and excel once again.

I’m sure many of the NFL analysts out there felt that Keenum would not take another professional snap again.

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I didn’t.

You know why? 

Because his tangibles far outweigh his intangibles.

The things that come natural to him — his impeccable leadership qualities, unmatched work ethic and likeable personality which emanates everywhere he goes, tends to overshadow his flaws out the football field.

He doesn’t have that many and he can fix them.  It’s his tangibles that make him shine and will see him through.

Good luck to you Case — after all, you’re headed up the “Show-Me” state, win that quarterback battle and show the Rams’ organization as well as the fans why you belong in the NFL.

You now have a second chance and I know you will make the best of it.

Now it’s time to do it — set…..hut!