James Harden Wants To Be The “Defensive Stopper”

James Harden recently came out and made news saying that the role he wants on Team USA FIBA team is to be the “defensive stopper.” How anyone can hear that comment and not laugh out loud is beyond me.

No one expects the 24-year old shooting guard to be a “defensive stopper”, but what we do expect is for him to try on the defensive end of the floor.  No other player in the NBA has a 10+ minute video on YouTube with such horrible defensive blunders as Harden.

If Harden wants to be taken seriously as a defensive player in the league he has to start paying attention to it. Highlighting his mistakes as well as exerting more energy on that side of the ball. It begins and ends with him, not just on Team USA roster, but on the Houston Rockets roster as well.

Yes, we have heard some great things about Harden’s defense this offseason with Team USA. It’s exciting to hear it. However, we need to see it more from November through June, not just during the offseason.

So when you hear comments of him saying he’s the best player in the NBA you will judge him to that standard. The beginning to Harden becoming the best player in the NBA starts in this year’s World Cup for basketball. With Anthony Davis and James Harden being the only players on this current roster with Olympic experience, they should be clear cut leaders and go to guys in certain situations.

Let’s see if Harden can step up as Team USA’s best player and lead them to the title.

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