Boston Red Sox Pull Out All Stops; Houston Astros Fall 9-4


Great Scott!  You’d think a lead would be safe but when one watches the Houston Astros, one has to have a different level of thinking.

I was optimistic that I wouldn’t have to invoke Murphy’s Law!

The team was up 4-1 through about four innings and then a few innings later, all hell broke loose.

The Boston Red Sox managed to grab seven runs at the bottom of the 6th inning to take over the game for good.

I was hoping my Astros would start this series out in the Cradle of Liberty with “W” that would make some sort of statement.

My hopes were dash but my optimism is still alive that we can compete and try to win some games this series, there are three more games to go.

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at what happened.

It started at the top of the 2nd with Jon Singleton reaching on a force attempt causing a fielding error by Mike Napoli scoring Dexter Fowler and also advancing Jason Castro to 2nd base.  Astros 1, Red Sox 0

At the top of the 3rd, the Astros struck again with Robbie Grossman singling to center scoring Marwin GonzalezAstros 2, Red Sox 0

At the top of the 4th, Matt Dominguez hit a dinger to left-center scoring himself and Jon Singleton.  That was Matty-D’s 14th homer of the season.  Astros 4, Red Sox 0

Here’s where the Red Sox went to work surgically on the Astros starting with a familiar face that used to see on regular basis…

Yes, that’s none other than Yoenis Cespedes!

At the bottom of the 4th, Cespedes grounded into a eventual 6-4-3 play, getting David Ortiz out at 2nd and scoring Dustin PedroiaAstros 4, Red Sox 1

Things held steady for awhile until the bottom of the 6th inning where Ortiz singled to right scoring Brock Holt and advancing Pedroia to 2nd base.  Astros 4, Red Sox 2

Napoli then had his turn by singling to left scoring Pedroia and advancing Cespedes to 2nd base.  Astros 4, Red Sox 3

Will Middlebrooks then singled to center scoring Cespedes and advancing Napoli to 3rd base and Daniel Nava to 2nd base.

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Those bases kept loading up!

Scott Feldman got himself into a heck of a jam and it seemed as if he was the foreman of a factory that specialized in churning out players to take bases!

He was pulled after it got too much for him and Darin Downs was up next to try to neutralize the Red Sox but to no avail.

Things got even worse, he gave up two runs and then Michael Foltynewicz was the next victim also giving up the same amount of runs.

Things were going well for the Astros until that ill-fated 6th inning!  The Red Sox manhandled the lead making it 9-4 final score.  Ouch!

The Astros never recovered…

The faint glow of the Astros emanated were centered around Dominguez and Gonzalez.  Dominguez went 2-for-4, with two ribbies, and a home run.  Gonzalez went 2-for-4 as well with two doubles.

Feldman was holding it down until that 6th inning.  He ended up allowing nine hits, giving up seven runs, walking two and fanning one in 5.1 innings of work.

How devastating.  But it’s a new day and they’ll be back at it tonight at Fenway!

The first pitch is scheduled for 6:10 p.m. CDT.  Dallas Keuchel gets the nod and will be going against Clay Buchholz.

Go ‘Stros!  (Box Score)