Why Houston Texans Fans Are Excited For This Season


The Houston Texans endured their worst season in franchise history last season, ending the year with a 2-14 record. Fans are ready to forget last year’s debacle and are excited for this upcoming season.

New Quarterback

The number one reason Texans fans are excited for this season is because of a new quarterback appearance. Saying it was painful to see Matt Schaub take snaps for the last few years would be considered an understatement. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t a Peyton Manning, but what the fans were yearning for was change.

Fitzpatrick threw for 2,454 yards and completed 62% of his passes last season while collecting 14 TD’s and 12 INT’s. Schaub on the other hand, threw for 2,310 yds, completed 61% of his passes and had 10 TD’s and 14 INT’s. The quarterback numbers aren’t far off from each other but with a new head coach and new teammates, anything can happen. Who knows, maybe Fitzpatrick can lead the Texans to a Super Bowl run late in his career like Kurt Warner with the Arizona Cardinals?!?

New Coach

The thing fans should be most ecstatic about is seeing a fresh face as head coach. Gary Kubiak took the Texans to another level after Dom Capers was fired, but after Arian Foster came along and the running game developed, he turned into one of the most conservative coaches in the game of football. If it were third and 13, Kubiak would call a HB draw to Foster and as always, would fail. He wasn’t playing to win the game. He was playing not to lose.

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Fans grew tired of seeing the same plays to where everyone watching knew they were coming. The players weren’t responding well and the organization became an embarrassment to the city and everyone living in it.

Nonetheless Bob McNair hired a new, feisty leader to call the plays, and not to mention, camme from the admirable New England Patriots system. Bill O’Brien will bring the intellect and intangibles to the Texans that were never seen by the organization.

Houston needed a gutsy, savvy head coach and Bill O’Brien will be that guy.

The Players

Lastly, Texan fans as well as players will be ecstatic to see the beloved Brian Cushing and Andre Johnson back on the field along with the addition of Jadeveon Clowney. Everyone’s keeping their fingers crossed hoping Cushing can maintain a healthy season and not take any more cheap shots that would put him out of for the year. The six-year linebacker makes a huge impact on and off the field and the defense would be stouter than any other year if he can gain his health back.

Johnson skipped offseason workouts and the mandatory minicamp, but in the end chose to return to his team. When asked about spending his entire career in Houston stated, “It would be great. It would be crazy. I think it would be fun. I think it would be great for the fans, for the city, great for me and my family so when the time comes, it’ll be addressed. I’m here right now so that’s all that matters.”

Fans have and will always love the Miami wide receiver and truth be told, most wouldn’t be mad if he were to leave Houston after his contract expires to chase a Super Bowl with a better roster. However the most important thing is that the Texans have their number one receiver back, and Fitzpatrick will have a decent group to work with.

“I think it would be great for the fans, for the city, great for me and my family so when the time comes, it’ll be addressed. I’m here right now so that’s all that matters.”

Although I strongly believe the Texans should have done everything in their power to get Johnny Manziel, seeing Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt lined up on the same team for the next 3-4 years is nothing to complain about. Fans have fantasized about seeing the two fight crime together ever since we came into play for the number one overall pick, but now, that fantasy has become a reality. The pressure will fall off of the secondary’s shoulders, as quarterbacks will have a fit trying to escape the two-headed monster in Clowney and Watt.

NRG Stadium will be loud as ever when the Texans open up their season, thanks to their new offense and potentially dominant defense.