Andre Johnson Reports To Training Camp, Now What?

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5. J.J. Watt‘s Production in a New Defense

A big fear I keep hearing is whether or not Watt will produce as much in a new defensive scheme. The concern is that playing in a traditional two-gap, 3-4 scheme means that he will be occupying blockers more than making plays.

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In the past that was the case in a running league. Defensive linemen had to take on multiple blockers to free up linebackers to make plays. This will happen occasionally, but not on passing downs.

Everyone knows it is a passing league now. The majority of the game is played in nickel or dime defense, with pass rushers doing everything they can to get upfield to hit the quarterback. That will still be Watt’s main responsibility.

I won’t go as far to say to expect 20 plus sacks from Watt, but if he is in double digits again and Clowney and Mercilus get 8+ each, this defense will live up to its potential.

As for now, stay tuned as all of these situations play out.