Andre Johnson Reports To Training Camp, Now What?

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4. The Play of Ryan Fitzpatrick

For most, this is the number one question mark/complaint about the Texans offseason. I don’t think it is a question as much as it is just having to accept what you’re going to get.

Fitzpatrick obviously won’t compete with Peyton Manning for the MVP award, but neither will Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, or Teddy Bridgewater. The truth is that he will have some great games and have some that aren’t.

The plan will be to keep the bad games from looking like the quarterback play of last season.

Can he take advantage of the best supporting cast he has ever had as a pro? At the very least he must take care of his 1st down interception rate. In his past four seasons he has thrown 66 interceptions, with 31 being on first down.

That’s inexcusable and something that quality coaching and play calling should be able to correct.