Andre Johnson Reports To Training Camp, Now What?

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Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

3. Slot Receiver Battle

This is a change for Texans fans because it was never that significant of a position under the previous regime. Knowing O’Brien’s past with New England and Wes Welker, this will no doubt be a battle to watch during the preseason.

Today’s NFL requires pass catching tight ends and a quality slot receiver just as much or more than having solid guys out wide. Keshawn Martin has been a disappointment during his first two seasons, and hope is that he was just underutilized by Gary Kubiak.

You can also expect Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins to be moved around a lot more in this offense to create mismatches.

Veteran Mike Thomas and last year’s sixth round pick Alan Bonner will also factor into the competition.

If none of the current options work out the Texans could scour the waiver wire as teams make roster cuts.