It Has Been A Rough Few Weeks For Houston Sports


When the city of Cleveland is having better days than your city, things aren’t going to well.

Houston sports has suffered for many years but these past few weeks have been particularly rough.

It started with Andre Johnson and the Houston Texans. Johnson has been (rightfully) frustrated with the state of the Texans. Things escalated just a few weeks ago after Johnson asked the Texans to make up for his missed workout. The All-Pro receiver wanted to earn back his $1 million he missed out on because of the missed workout, but the Texans say they won’t give it to him.

Whether you believe that’s the root of the issue or not, Johnson reportedly isn’t happy again and may not show up for Training Camp. This issue is far from resolved, and we’ll be hearing more about it over the next month.

The Houston Astros have had a lot more negative perceptions about the team than positive ones. Hacked ground control talks were leaked to the public a few weeks ago, they constantly get criticized by “old-school” national baseball writers for their approach to their rebuild, and now the Brady Aiken situation.

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  • I agree with the way they handled the Aiken situation. It’s a flaw in the system that unfortunately caused this “fiasco”. I believe the Astros handled it the right way, but it still unfortunately hurts their public perception.

    And then the Houston Rockets.

    Rockets GM Daryl Morey came into the offseason with a plan; Sign a third star (LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, or Chris Bosh) and have Parsons re-signed with a long-term extension, giving the Rockets a “Big Three” PLUS Parsons and rotational players.

    Morey swung and missed. He whiffed and it cost him not only a “Big Three” but it also cost him Parsons.

    All of Houston and many in the media believed Bosh was headed to Houston once James announced he was headed home, but Heat GM Pat Riley gave Bosh a max deal and Bosh chose to stick with the Heat.

    It was quite the shock to Rockets fans and it sent Morey into a “recovery” mode. He was forced to let go of Parsons, keep the Rockets contenders by bringing in Trevor Ariza, but also preserve cap space to bring in another star either via trade or next year’s free agency.

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    Rockets fans weren’t happy with Morey and the Rockets as they feel the team went backwards rather than forwards. Only time will tell.

    It’s been a rough few weeks for Houston sports. Let’s hope late July and August bring happier days to our great city that is Houston!