Three Reasons Why Chris Bosh Is Perfect For The Houston Rockets

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Jun 12, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker (9) passes under the basket against Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (1) during the first quarter of game four of the 2014 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

2. Defensive Ability

The Rockets need help  on the defensive end to say the least.

Rockets’ fans know how much we struggled on defense last year and Chris Bosh would certainly help. Bosh is one of the best pick and roll defenders in the league. Oh yeah, he actually cares about the defense which is a change from some of the current Rockets players… cough cough James Harden.

Since Bosh joined the Heat, his defense has been taken to a new level. He is now known as one of the best defensive power forwards on the perimeter as he uses he quickness and agility to his advantage. Bosh shows extremely hard on ball screens, which prevents the ball handler from turning the corner and getting in the paint. As Bosh shows on the screen he is also able to quickly recover to his man. His long arms and quick hands are put in passing lanes that cause deflections and steals.

Yes, Bosh does not block a ton of shots but thats not what matters. He has extremely long arms which alter shots. Alternating shots are just as good as blocks but they don’t go in the stat sheet. Putting him on the block with Dwight Howard will make it even tougher for opponents to score in the paint.