Report: Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey In Philadelphia To Meet With Kyle Lowry

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey is already in Philadelphia to talk with PG Kyle Lowry according to Adrian Wojnarwoski (Yahoo Sports).

Sam Amick (USA Today) reported earlier last week that the Rockets were interested in a reunion with Lowry and it appears there interest is very serious.

It appeared as if Lowry and the Raptors were going to stay together according to reports earlier today, however, Morey is in Philadelphia as I type to try and bring Lowry back to Houston.

Lowry has said previously that he values a chance at a title higher than the money. The Rockets don’t have as much money available as other teams, but they have enough to make Lowry happy enough to sign in Houston.

For those worried about Lowry’s relationship with Kevin McHale, it seems like things will go a lot better this time around. This is what Lowry admitted earlier this season about their relationship.

“I would have done things differently in Houston,” Lowry says. “I really respected Kevin McHale. I wish I would have had an opportunity to play for him longer. The things he was teaching me, well, I didn’t understand right away. When you get away from someone, though, see it from the outside looking in, you go back and think, ‘Damn, I could’ve learned some more things from the guy.’

“I wanted to stay with Coach Adelman and needed to get over that. [McHale] came in with a different philosophy, and I wish I could’ve adapted to it quicker.”

If the Rockets do try and bring back Lowry, McHale and Lowry’s relationship problems shouldn’t be a factor. As a matter of fact, the Rockets are bringing Coach McHale to their meeting in Philadelphia according to David Aldridge (TNT)

Of course, any agreement with Lowry with be the end of Jeremy Lin in Houston. Lin is owed $15 million this season, though just $8.4 million counts against the cap. Patrick Beverley would slide to the bench, giving the Rockets a ferocious one-two punch at point guard.

It looks like Lowry is Houston’s big plan right now as they try to keep him away from Toronto. Carmelo Anthony is Houston’s number one priority (LeBron James 1A, Anthony 1B), but Lowry is likely not far behind at #2.

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