Houston Astros: Team falls 3-4 after a late Tigers rally

The thing about baseball is that you have to take it one game at a time.

That has certainly been the case for the Houston Astros who have cooled off from their hot streak from late May to early June. They have now lost nine of their last 12 games.

The earth has settled and things are unfortunately getting back to the way they were.

One things for sure, calling up our top prospects made a difference because we can watch them blossom at the highest level of baseball and they unable us to visualize a clear depiction of what our future, regularly successful teams will look like.

Yesterday, the Astros had command of the game until the Tigers went to work in the 9th to make something happen.

The table was set — and Jerome Williams had been called from the bullpen to close the game out.

What ensued was the start of a rally that the Astros could not overcome.

Williams was facing Nick Castellanos and after just two pitches in, he singled on a line drive to left field off a 80-mph slider.  He tried to fool Castellanos but it didn’t work.

Castellanos was eventually substituted for in the pinch by Austin Jackson.

After that, Eugenio Suarez also singled to left field eventually getting both guys to 3rd and 2nd base, respectively.

The final blow dealt was the game-winning, three-RBI homer by Ian Kinsler, eventually sealing the Astros fate.

You can could almost see the dejection in Williams, Bo Porter‘s and the rest of the team’s eyes as a game that seemed so winnable by this ball club but letting it slip away faster than green grass through a goose.

The bright spots for the Astros were that Jose Altuve, Alex Presley and Marwin Gonzalez all went 2-for-4, Presley chipped in three ribbies and a home run.

Altuve (2) and Gonzalez (1) contributed three stolen bases.

Brett Oberholtzer faced the seasoned Max Scherzer but was no-match in terms of his performance.  Scherzer retired 13 batters, allowing seven hits, two earned runs and one walk in 7.0 innings of work.

Oberholtzer allowed five hits, one earned run, one walk, fanning four in 6.1 innings of work.

Josh Zeid and Chad Qualls held the game together until Williams had some bad luck against one of the league’s best hitters.  He gets credited with the blown save and the loss.

Williams has been extremely struggling as of late and I hope he gets his groove back.  That guy has bounced back-and-forth from the Majors to Triple-A throughout his career — I’d just hate to see him go back there.

The reason why it hasn’t happened already is because he is getting paid $2.1 million this season, 8th-highest on the team.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, the Astros take it to the rubber tomorrow against the Tigers.

First pitch is scheduled for 1:10 p.m. CDT.  Scott Feldman has the start.






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