Houston Dash Week In Review; 3-7-1 After Latest Win

The Houston Dash took home a 3-0 win to give them their third win of the season.

The Dash completely dominated the game something Dash fans have been waiting to hear, acccording to Leopoldo Ponce (Orange In The Oven).

Complete dominance are the only two words I can use to describe Houston Dash’s 3-0 victory over Sky Blue FC. As fans we’ve waited to read, hear, and think those words in a regular season game since the Dash became a team. This past Sunday, we were finally given the opportunity to use those two words in our favor.

This game was scrappy, chippy, and far from being extremely technical, but it was a game that required grit to get through. This was the type of game that Houston had been built to win by going through heartbreak after heartbreak.

The Dash have two games this week against New York and Kansas City and Hal Kaiser (Orange In The Oven) says this is a huge week for the squad.

Not all is lost at the Oven this season. While the Houston Dynamo may be in the midst of the most forgettable season of their short history, the Houston Dash are in the midst of a resurgence that could see them in as high as 5th place in the standings by the end of this week in what has the potential to be a very big week.

Close to two weeks ago the season seemed lost for the Dash. Two wins later and the team could be looking at a potential run at the postseason. It starts with two big matches this week, with both of them being played at home. If they can get at least a win and a draw, or two wins, the Dash could vault themselves into top half of the NSWL standings.

Both Hal and Leopoldo also gave out their report cards for the Dash through the first 10 matches (before Sunday’s win).

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