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Jul 6, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Fans arrive at BBVA Compass Stadium for a match between the Houston Dynamo and the Philadelphia Union. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Beer and sports go hand in hand. When going to a live sporting event, I can’t think of anything I enjoy more than grabbing a beer before I walk into the game. It feels right. The babbling sports talk host comes out in all of us, after a couple of beers. It makes for good chat and good times.

We took a look at the upsides and the not so downsides of each tailgate option, next to BBVA Compass Stadium. Let’s face it, there’s a nice mix for everyone, it’s all about what you like, so there’s no way you can wrong with any option you pick.

Here’s a look at the options:

Lucky’s Pub – Could a bar have a name that’s more fitting? Open a bar 8 blocks away from Minute Maid Park, and (expletive) just starts popping up around you? Apartments, stadiums, more bars… How lucky could one bar be? Regardless, Lucky’s does have a good thing going on with their bar. They have an eclectic mix of beers with a “I don’t give a F” attitude. The major plus is you’re not getting dildo slapped when you get your tab. The only problem on game day, is you’re going to be faced with a crowded pub. Take it or leave it. If you like the chaos, Lucky’s is the way to go. Facebook Page.

Little Woodrow’s – I have no complaints about this bar. It’s always been kind to me. Fair prices and generous pours when it comes to a well drink. The struggle with Woodrow’s is you’re more likely to run into a douchey individual. Someone in khaki shorts and a polo, that has no idea there’s a Dynamo game going on that day. But just like Lucky’s, they have a variety of beer options. A tad more pricey than Lucky’s, but no shock value when you get your tab. Facebook Page.

Mojeauxs Louisiana Drinkery:  Go early and get a meal in a glass with their Bloody Mary. Mojeauxs is a newer edition to EaDo. They have settled in nicely and have made a name for themselves. Decent drink prices, and their food is spicy Cajun. One drawback is they don’t have a huge selection of beer. But this new edition to EaDo is still worth the visit. It will probably be a little less crowded. One thing I can promise, it’s the nicest Cajun bar you will ever walk into. Facebook Page.

8th Wonder Brewery: If you know beer and know Houston, you know 8th Wonder. They’re one of the few breweries in Houston that actually have their beer brewed by a certified brewmaster. Which speaks wonders when it comes to their beer (no pun intended). They’re no more than three blocks away from BBVA Stadium. You can expect a level headed crowd and not much of wait time to get a beer. The only drawback is that it’s just beer. They do offer the biggest plus, a beer for everyone’s taste buds. Add that in with the best value for your buck. $15 for a souvenir pint glass, and 3 drink tokens. That’s a win. Facebook Page. 

Your Car: Boring view. Same friends that you probably don’t like and probably really bad beer, like Bud Light. Facebook Page.

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