NFL Scouting Combine: Time to Move House


The NFL is missing out on a great opportunity this week by holding the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis again. It has been hosted there since 1987 and no one has decided to challenge the fact that the combine is held in a dull city. Sorry I’m not sorry Indianapolis residents.

Why does the NFL hold one of their marquee offseason events there? No one knows. Honestly. If you type in the question on Google and do some searching, their is no real reason for the combine to be held their every year.

If these tweets are anything to go by, Indianapolis needs some nicer restaurants to hold meetings.

So why not Houston every year?

I’m not the biggest fan of the city of Houston. I love the sports teams, but the city? Eh. It’s got some nice spots, but it’s not the most vibrant/happening city in America.

So why not the city that holds the number one pick?

That’s a great idea. Obviously it would apply to Houston this year, but why not make it a traveling circus kind of event? Each year the NFL Scouting Combine would be held in the stadium (practice facility for cold weather, outdoor teams) of the team that holds the number one pick.

The media would be right where it wants to be. Instead of chasing down Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien through Lucas Oil Stadium, they can just knock on their office door for a quick one-on-one interview at Reliant to grill them about who they are going to take with the number one overall pick?

Conclusion: It will happen soon

The NFL is all about finding new ways to make money, and I feel that this is a pretty way to do that. Forget a London franchise for now, why not focus on the domestic product? I’m sure fans would flock to stadiums if the NFL Scouting Combine was held in their city that year, especially to get a closer look at who their team with the first pick.

Indianapolis doesn’t even have a first round pick this year* so why would their fan base even show up? If the NFL decided to go to a city where there will definitely be some interest, they can just sit back and watch money fall into their pocket.

I’m just a fan.

A fan of a team that compiled a record of 2-14 in the 2013 NFL season.

A fan that decided to sit through each one of those 14 losses, no matter how bleak the score was or how minimal the chance of victory was.

This puts me in no position to tell Roger Goodell on how to do his job, but… c’mon man!

If you want anymore advice Mr. Goodell you can contact me on Twitter: @EuanOrYouOut