Houston Texans Power Rankings Update Through Eleven Weeks

The Texans keep falling and falling. The average rank of the Texans for these publications this week is 29.43, whereas last week it was 27.4. Here are each major publication’s Texans ranking in their respective power rankings.



Ranked – 29 | Last Week – 28

Andre Johnson had 10 catches on 17 targets for 83 yards Sunday. Johnson caught six of eight passes for 24 yards from Case Keenum and four of nine for 59 yards from Matt Schaub.


NFL.com (Elliot Harrison)

Ranked – 29 | Last Week – 29

Andre Johnson sure was hot Sunday — at Matt Schaub, anyway. It should be noted that Johnson has 24 catches for 382 yards and five touchdowns over the Texans‘ past three games. Last season, he posted five 100-yard games (including a 200-yarder) over the last nine games. Who’s been a better wideout than Johnson over the past 10 years? Calvin Johnson … maybe? We’ll let you debate that issue.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed this take on Schaub-Johnson I, via the Twitter account of the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain ( @McClain_on_NFL):

“Schaub should b glad Johnson didn’t go Cortland Finnegan on him.”


Sports Illustrated (Doug Farrar substitues for Chris Burke) 

Ranked – 32  | Last Week – 29

Perhaps the nadir of the Texans’ horrible season came last Sunday, when head coach Gary Kubiak benched quarterback Case Keenum in the third quarter of the team’s loss to the Raiders. The switch to Matt Schaub wasn’t warranted based on performance, and the loss ended with Schaub and franchise receiver Andre Johnson having to answer questions about their sideline shouting match. The Texans have lost eight straight games, and there isn’t a less impressive team in pro football right now.


CBSSports (Pete Prisco)

Ranked – 30 | Last Week – 21

Losing at home to the Raiders puts an end to any slim playoff hopes they had. It has been a flop of a season.


Yahoo Sports! (Frank Schwab)

Ranked – 28 | Last Week – 28

The Matt Schaub-for-Case Keenum move is the type of thing that’s done by people trying to save their jobs over doing what’s best for the franchise.


Houston Chronicle (John McClain)

Ranked – 30 | Last Week – 28

Ranked – 28 | Last Week – 27

I’d like to see how Case Keenum handles the Texans if he was named the starter for the remainder of the season.


What do you think of these rankings? Texans too high on some? Too low?