Brian Ching To Retire


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I’m not the biggest Dynamo fan in Houston. Heck, I don’t follow the Dynamo as often as I should, but I do know one thing. When someone says Dynamo the first thing that comes to mind is Brian Ching. Brian Ching has been the heart and soul of the Dynamo and an underrated athlete in Houston for the last several years. Today, Ching is officially announcing his retirement from soccer.

Brian Ching has been the face of the soccer world in Houston for quite some time. Unfortunately, injuries have cut his career a bit short. From the Houston Chronicle:

"“If I had retired last year, it would have been more of a difficult decision than it was this year,” said Ching, 35, a forward who scored four goals in the Dynamo’s inaugural match in 2006. “My body is telling me that it’s time to call it and retire. I can’t play 90 minutes at the level I want. My body hurts if I do play over 45 minutes. It doesn’t just hurt a couple days after. It hurts an entire week.”"

His playing time this year has been limited and he was fully supportive when he wasn’t on the 18-man team sheet against Chivas USA. It’s been a frustrating season for Ching as he hasn’t been able to go the full 90 minutes.

"“I’m slowly coming to grips with the fact that this is my last year and I’m not physically able to play 90 minutes. Mentally, I’m still there. But physically, I’m not.”"

With five games to go in the season, the Dynamo still want Brian Ching in the locker room. His veteran presence will be key to a successful playoff run this season and a potential championship run. Though Ching has won the MLS Cup title, the Dynamo have lost two titles in a row and it’d be a great way for Ching to finish off his legendary career with one more title in his pocket.

How legendary has Brian Ching been for the Dynamo? Former Astros great Lance Berkman chimed in with his thoughts:

Once his playing days are over, Ching will stay on and be apart of the organization.

"“I’m ready to move on to the next stage of my life, and that entails finding a way to help the Dynamo be successful,” said Ching, who will speak more on his future at a news conference Tuesday. “I have a tremendous love and loyalty to Houston, the Dynamo organization and the ownership group. I want to continue to help us succeed. That’s my new passion: finding a way to help us be successful in the community and on the field.”"

The city of Houston could not have asked for a better person and soccer player to help start the Dynamo than Brian Ching.

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