Preseason Game Week 4: What To Watch For Against The Cowboys?


Don’t you just love preseason football?!?!? If you answered “no” then you are probably amongst the majority of football fans. If you answered “yes” then I need to ask you a different question tonight. Don’t you just love preseason week 4 football?!?!? If you answered “yes” then I’m going to tell you what to watch for tonight. If you answered no, well I’m still going to tell you some interesting things you should watch tonight, because lets be honest, do you have anything better to do?!?

Though it is Week 4 of the preseason, there are still things that need to be decided. There are currently 75 players on the roster and another 22 of them will be off the roster soon. Those guys have the chance to separate themselves and make a case to stay on the team, while the others look for practice squad jobs around the league. If you don’t have CSN Houston or just don’t want to watch an Astros-Mariners game, here is what you should be looking out for in tonight’s battle against the Dallas Cowboys.

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

  •  THE QB2 BATTLE – Your older brother’s Houston Texans used to have veteran quarterbacks backing up Carr/Schaub, now they have young depth. Both Case Keenum and T.J. Yates have had good offseasons/preseasons. Both have yet to throw a pick, but Yates has throw one more TD than Keenum. Yates will likely win the #2 job unless Keenum goes bananas and Yates goes…well…bananas the bad way.
  • Outside Linebackers – It’s been the Willie Jefferson show over the last month with the rookie duo of Sam Montgomery and Trevardo Williams not showing much. Justin Tuggle is still on the squad as well and it’s likely that one of these four don’t make the team. Will the Texans have the cojones to cut Montgomery or Williams? I suppose we will find out if we they have another no-show tonight.
  • The Return of Devier Posey – When Adrian Peterson returned swiftly from a torn-ACL, the press was all over the story. Posey’s return will likely not get much press but his recovery from an achilles tear around six-seven months ago has been nothing short of super human. Posey will likely see around 12 plays tonight and hopefully we get to see him catch a ball or two, make a move, get tackled, and see how he feels after the game.
  • The 3rd RB – It seems like Deji Karim has locked up a spot on the roster but things could change tonight. The Texans cut Ray Graham earlier this week and Cierre Wood and Dennis Johnson may be on the way out as well. One of the three were expected to win the #3 RB spot and still can if they make a great impression in tonight’s game.
  • The Stadium – I went up to Dallas a few years ago for a preseason game and it was fabulous. I went an hour early and just walked around amazed at how it was built. The video screen is incredible and the views are nice. Of course one thing I’ll be looking out for is if Shane Lechler hits the screen during the game. I would definitely recommend heading up for a game when given the chance. Preseason tickets are a lot cheaper and today’s game against the Texans would have been a perfect time to head up to Dallas. Oh, and I almost forgot, the cheerleaders are great!