What's Next For The Houston Texans

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It’s pretty easy to be Captain Obvious and say that the Houston Texans need a rebound performance. One that at least resembled a professional football team would do.

It’s also easy to excuse the 32-0 loss to the Cardinals by saying that they were without four pro bowlers, and a potential pro bowler in guard Brandon Brooks.

What’s difficult is to say what MUST happen next.

Of course quarterback play must be better starting with Ryan Fitzpatrick. His play was abysmal. But don’t get started with the Case Keenum chants.

He started a half with a delay of game penalty. Yes I said the BEGINNING OF A HALF! I have never seen that happen in football. That alone shows that he is not the answer.

I’m well aware that Fitzpatrick is not either, but that’s who you have unless Cleveland is willing to part with Brian Hoyer for next to nothing once Johnny Manziel beats him out, or if the Ryan Mallet rumors ever become real.

The week one starters are most likely already on the roster so they have to improve who’s there.

Five things that MUST happen this week

  1. Find depth at OL, WR, DB, and quickly trim the fat that won’t be in play.
  2. Get DeAndre Hopkins and the tight ends involved early.
  3. Get Arian Foster and Andre Johnson healthy so the quarterbacks have a chance.
  4. Find a way to get pressure on the QB so the secondary can gain confidence.
  5. Don’t be so vanilla. They must see positive results this week.

There were bright spots last week. The running game looked good. So did the run defense. Jadeveon Clowney showed that there is about a 0.01% chance of him being a bust. He and J.J. Watt will be giving teams fits, especially once Brian Cushing is back in the fold.

Coaches, players, and even fans do not need to panic. It was a debut of a new system with too much personnel from another.

The schedule is still easy. There are big time playmakers on the sideline. The bottom was hit last year and they decided to stay there for an extra week. Up is the only place to go.

Stay tuned for your Texans coverage.

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