Dec 22, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans owner Bob McNair walks on the field before a game against the Denver Broncos at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans Owner Bob McNair Given A Clean Bill Of Health

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In one of the more shocking headlines that has dominated Houston news cycle, word has come out that Bob McNair, the Houston Texans’ spirited owner, had a 10-month long bout with cancer.

McNair, 77, has been given a clean bill of health after receiving experimental treatments at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

He had been battling two types of cancer — diagnosed as chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) — which had formed on the left side of his head and neck.

During that 10-month span, he received a combination of chemotherapy as well as 30 marked radiation treatments lasting approximately 30 to 40 minutes each.

The type of treatment McNair had was experimental and relatively new but the benefits can be extremely rewarding and it has been said to be a sound method to eradicate his specific malady.

But according to McNair, the treatments were grueling…

“The radiation was worse by far,” McNair said at press conference held earlier today at NRG Stadium. “I had bandages all over my head. I looked like a mummy.

The radiation was so harsh that second-degree burns formed causing him to seek plastic surgery to reconstruct the left side of his face after completion.

The treatments were done at M.D. Anderson’s Proton Therapy unit, a division that has been open since 2005.

As good as the Texans are at keeping sensitive information under wraps, they way McNair handled his ordeal was none the exception.

He had checked in for each treatment under an assumed name and had a key to the back door of the building given to him by John Styles, Jr. the CEO/Managing Director of the unit.  He also allowed McNair to use his personal parking space to maintain ultimate confidentiality.

McNair mentioned that he “didn’t want to be a distraction”  and “didn’t want a lot of speculation about what the end result might be” as far as the reasoning behind the secrecy of his treatments.

But looking ahead, McNair is glad he is cancer-free and remains upbeat, especially for the start of the Texans’ season.

“I plan on winning some Super Bowls,” McNair said. “My dad lived to 102 so I’ve got some time.”

It’s wonderful to know that our fearless owner, who is the man responsible for bringing football back to H-Town after a five-year hiatus, is as healthy as can be.

He has also said that he will be able to attend every home and away game this season as he had been doing.

What an amazing story coming out of Gridiron, Tex. — he fought the war against his health, recovered and came out the victor!

The Texans will certainly look to do the same this season!






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