Feb 12, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (1) finishes a dunk against the Golden State Warriors in the second quarter at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets Lose Battle For Chris Bosh

According to Adrian Wojnarodski (Yahoo! Sports), Chris Bosh is in the final stages off agreeing to a five year, $118 million contract with the Miami Heat.

The Houston Rockets were considered the front runner to land Bosh since rumors started swirling about LeBron James leaving for Cleveland. Once LeBron made his announcement officially, all signs pointed towards Chris Bosh heading to Houston.

Bosh was an attracttive free agent for the Rockets due to his versatility and shooting abilty. Ultimately, the Miami Heat increased their offer for Chris Bosh to $118 million, which is more than $30 million more than the Houston Rockets were offering.

The Bosh news throws a wrench into the Rockets’ plans as they were anticipating him signing with the Rockets sometime soon and helping Dwight Howard and James Harden make a run for the Championship.

The Rockets will now need to make a decision about Chandler Parsons as it looks like the summer of possibility is turning into the summer of disappointment for Houston.

There are still some FA options and trade options out there, but GM Daryl Morey is likely farther down on his list than he preferred.

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  • der330

    I hope this means that Daniels and Jones will remain Rockets. . .The Rockets have a lot of cap room and they also have remaining a decent team. . .Nick Johnson is making nice noise in the summer league and we’ll see what kind of rabbit Morey may pull off . . . .it may be in the season when teams find out things aren’t what they thought they’d be. . . time will tell and the world has not ended.

    • MH5

      I agree with you not sure what trades are possible or who is available but Chris Bosh resigning with the Heat was a big blow to the Rockets

  • Kayle

    Trade Lin, don’t sign Bosh, let’s see if Parsons’ goes to the Mavs now.

    • Rastafar

      Yes, Rockets are the best, stick it to Parsons then have to get him back for 40 million more, salivate amd prostitute over Melo and Bosh and throw away Asik and LIn, and now figures that no one is interested in the old classless prostitute. Good job rockets. That NBA team sucks.

      • MH5

        They did get Trevor Ariza. Obviously not Carmelo or Bosh but a solid wing defender. How do you feel about that?

    • MH5

      I think they’ll match Parsons tonight. What do you think?

  • the great wall

    say bye bye to D12 unless KD comes in 2016

    • MH5

      Do you really think D12 will leave?

      • the great wall

        unless morey makes a crazy ass move yea i think he would !

  • Juan Tamad

    They should sign Deng to get even with Bosh.

    • MH5

      Picked up Ariza instead. The Miami Heat were the front runners for Deng so the Rockets focused on Ariza. How do you feel about that pick up?