Apr 6, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (center) stands between Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (left) and Miami Heat forward LeBron James (right) during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Miami won 102-91. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets: Will Today Be The Day?!?

What do LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh have in common? They are all still free agents.

Yes, it’s July 9th and we have yet to hear a decision from any of the big three free agents.

Many of us believed we would know where Anthony was going by this past Monday and Bosh and LeBron likely today. Instead, no one has any clue when any free agent will decide on his new team.

There are a few scenarios that can play out over the next few days:

1. James/Bosh – Miami; Anthony – ?

In this scenario the “Big 3″ would return to Miami, which I believe is still the most likely scenario. I have zero clue what Anthony is thinking. He will choose the New York Knicks or the Los Angeles Lakers if he prefers the money, but will go elsewhere (Chicago Bulls or Houston Rockets) if he has prioritized winning.

2. James – Miami; Bosh – Houston; Anthony – ?

This is an interesting scenario and pretty unlikely. The only way this happens is if Bosh decides to go to Houston and not wait on James to make his decision. The Rockets have an offer out there for Bosh to take. If he wants it, it’s all his. James may still choose the Heat and the Heat can try and bring Anthony in, or Anthony can go elsewhere.

3. James – ?; Bosh – Houston; Anthony – ?

If James does choose to go elsewhere, Bosh is almost 100 percent likely to join the Rockets. I still don’t see James in Cleveland but crazier things have happened. For James, it’s reportedly between the Heat and Cavaliers. For Anthony, no one knows anything!

There are of course several other scenarios possible. Many believe James will choose between the Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers, saying all other teams are pretty much out. Whether that’s true or not only James knows. 

With Bosh, it’s up to him to decide whether or not he wants to take the available offer out to him right now. With the Rockets he still has his winning team, and will also receive more money here. However, his family loves Miami and it may be tough for him to pick up and leave before waiting on James’ decision.

At this point, no one really know what Anthony is thinking and when he will decide. Many believe the Rockets are pretty much out of the competition, but it’s hard to think they’re out if Melo prioritizes winning. Eventually he will make his decision.

Everything depends on which free agent decides first. Once the first domino falls, it shouldn’t take long for the remaining two to decide their destinations, and then the rest of the NBA free agents, including Chandler Parsons, should follow suit.

Until then, continue to stick with us at House of Houston for all the latest on the Rockets’ offseason. Click here for all the latest stories!

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