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Help Send Carol Liberman To The All-Star Game

Houston Astros fans have a chance every year to send their favorite players to the All-Star game. This year we may see more than one All-Star from Houston, and they will be accompanied by a teacher from the Houston area.

MLB, Target, and People are sending one teacher from all 30 MLB cities to Minnesota for this year’s All-Star game as part of their “Target Presents People All-Star Teachers” campaign.

There are three teachers that have been named the finalists in Houston. While I’m sure the other two teachers deserve to go to Minnesota, I have had the honor of sitting in Mrs. Liberman’s classroom, and believe it should be her headed to the Twin Cities.

After sitting in her classroom during my middle school years, I can honestly say she is one of the biggest Astros fans around. But as big of an Astros fan she is, she’s an even better teacher. She taught many students over the years, and you won’t find one student who said they had a better English teacher than Mrs. Liberman.

Of course, my favorite memories at the time were when I would see her in the halls and know there was someone there I can talk with about the Astros. This past year when I visited my old hallways, there she was and she was ready to talk Houston Astros baseball. I know she hasn’t given up and will never give up on the Houston Astros.

I spoke with her about her nomination and she is excited and thankful for the opportunity. I know it would mean a lot to her if she could represent Houston and the Astros in Minnesota and I hope everyone can help send her Minnesota.

Here’s the MLB.com’s writeup on Mrs. Liberman. Click here to vote.

After more than 40 years, Carol Liberman is teaching her final year of middle-school English and history. She earned a Master’s in education with Phi Beta Kappa honors and started her career working in the inner city, later moving between two Jewish private schools for the next forty years. Her accomplishments can only be measured by the success of her students, many of who have gone on to win national writing awards and attend Ivy League schools. She’s won multiple Teacher of the Year honors, was asked to participate in a national teachers mentoring program and deserves to be nominated for sainthood for teaching middle school for so long. Carol hasn’t had a storybook life and yet she never complains. When her husband had a heart attack, Carol raised two young kids on a teacher’s salary. She’s been a great inspiration, and for the small, tight Jewish community in Houston, her retirement will be a changing of the guard. She is a die-hard Astros fan with a picture of her son, daughter and Jose Cruz proudly displayed in her classroom. There couldn’t be greater honor for her than to represent her Astros at the All-Star Game.

Why Carol roots for the Astros: “I am an Astros fan because of all of the amazing memories — from Mike Scott’s clinching no-hitter, to the great march through the playoffs in 2004 and 2005, to my kids’ picture with Jose Cruz as Astro Buddies. I am also a fan because of the neverending hope that the Astros will one day bring home a World Series championship.”

Let’s help send Houston’s best teacher and one of the biggest Astros fans to Minnesota.

Vote Mrs. Liberman! You can vote as many times as you want!

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