Dec 18, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets center Omer Asik (3) and point guard Jeremy Lin (7) walk to the locker room during halftime at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets Ready To Deal Both Jeremy Lin And Omer Asik

The Houston Rockets are ready to add a third star, however, to do so they would need to clear the necessary cap space. Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik both count for $8.3 million each on the cap, and thus would have to be traded if the Rockets plan on bringing in a third star.

Can they get it done? Sam Amick (USA Today) says they have deals ready to go if they have a commitment from a star.

So there you have it. Many articles around the web mention the Rockets’ problems in acquiring a star is their cap issue. However, Amick clears things up telling everyone that they can easily ship the two away if need be. Asik has value, and many teams would like to have an elite defensive center and rebounder. Lin however, doesn’t hold the same value, and the Rockets may need to add a draft pick with Lin in order to take him off the team’s cap.

Though trading away a draft pick seems like too much, it’s likely the Rockets wouldn’t have much use for their first round pick if they acquired another star. A first round pick has a higher cap hold and would force the Rockets to deal another player they may prefer to keep.

Why would the Rockets keep the two if they strike out? Well, we know Asik’s value on the team. He was the Rockets second best player in the series against the Portland Trail Blazers and is a luxury off the bench. He and Lin will also have a higher value at the deadline as expiring deals. Teams will be looking for expiring deals at this year’s deadline as they prepare for the summer of 2015.

Carmelo Anthony has to make his decision June 23rd, and the Miami Heat “big three” have until June 30th to decide on their future.

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  • aymen

    Funny how you say lin doesn’t have any value…lin was the best player in the playoffs because of him they won those 2 games…we’ll see Lins true potential once he gets to play his way and that’s only if he gets traded

    • Yoni Pollak

      Wait, what?!? Lin certainly wasn’t the best player on the team. Howard and Asik easily the the top two. Lin had some big performances though, and was a key figure in their wins and their losses.

      Sorry to tell you this but Lin has little value by himself considering his contract.

      • aymen

        Who was setting Dwight and Asik up those games????yeah that’s right…lin was the only spark on the team. Every time lin is allowed to play without any limitations he plays like an all star and that’s a fact buddy. You can’t expect him to play that way all the time because of how he is utilized and even with the situation he is in he is doing pretty good, he improved every aspect of his game. Stop looking at box scores my friend.

        • Sandy Therrien

          Lin if anything cost us 2 games with stupid turn overs and ridiculous play. Harden wasn’t much better for the most part but he at least had some upside. Lin is awful and will be awful where ever he ends up. LOL I love the last line of your post… Quit using facts look at things from only your prospective.. never mind the facts they always ruin a good story.

          • gasparthe2

            Lin didn’t “cost” the rockettes any games… actually, he was instrumental in winning the only two for them. The rockets were out coached and out played by elite teams who focused on beating a Mchale and Harden lamed team.

            It’ll happen again next season (just like it did for the Knicks!) and the rocket’s front office may never figure it out.

          • Sandy Therrien

            You’re crazy… The turn overs Lin had late in the game didn’t cost the Rocket’s any games? Really? They were out coached I will give you that. But Lin was anything but a plus in that series and for anyone to say he was is just ridiculous. He may have been on the court at the end of the game bu being instrumental wasn’t any part of what he was doing.

          • gasparthe2

            You see it like the rest of the rocket’s losers do. 3o+ points by Harden are like 30+ points by Melo, if you know what I mean…[worth nothing]. Linsanity was a sensation in NYC because Jeremy Lin was given the green light. A player THAT talented who’s then benched when he’s hot is why the rockets lose important games.

            No. Actually the Lin turnovers DIDN’T cause the rockets the games. It was the lincompetence of the elite all star James Harden and genius of Mchale that did that.

            But… it’s ok. I hope ‘they do it again next season with Lin gone.

          • Sandy Therrien

            I am not talking about Harden. I am in the same boat you are with him He doesn’t play defense. I don’t want Melo because he doesn’t play defense either. This would just be another stop on the Melo train that leads to no championship while he is here. If it were to happen and I was Howard I would demand a trade and not show up for anything.

            But again to say Lin’s turnovers were not part of the problem and say he was good is blasphemy.

            I agree again they were out coached. Lin was still a major issue on the offensive side of the court and the team will be better without him. he didn’t fit the system or the style the rockets play. Not a knock on him other than the turnovers and I wish him the best. But he won’t be his best here and he certainly wasn’t in the playoffs either.

          • gasparthe2

            Jeremy Lin dosen’t belong in Houston. He’s a Parker/Curry type active piont guard. Houston is an ISO type team (like the Knicks).
            Jeremy Lin is not the turnover king in Houston, that is propaganda hype; Harden is.

            I agree with you: Jeremy Lin must go.

          • Sandy Therrien

            Again, I didn’t say he was the turnover king… I said his turnovers contributed to the loss in at least 2 games. He is a Parker/Curry kind of PF but he isn’t nearly as good as those 2. His style of play is like that of those 2 guys though. I agree

          • gasparthe2

            The games were not lost because of Jeremy Lin’s turnovers. They were won by his direct and particular contribution.

            The rockets lost because Howard, Harden, Pasons, Beverly and Jones were no match for the Blazers game plan. Jeremy Lin was a marginalized bench player who mostly stood by the sidelines and watched his team lose.

          • Sandy Therrien

            I figured out the issue here. You don’t remember the playoffs.

            You want me to believe as well as everyone else that the Rocket’s lost because of everyone other than Lin and won because of him? I am sorry I didn’t realize I was having a debate with that kind of person. Forgive me for saying anything. You are right Lin is almost certainly a Hall of Fame player and if he doesn’t make it it is not his fault it is the fault of every other player in the NBA and those voting. Cary on sorry for bothering you.

          • gasparthe2

            I see that you’ve got it all figured out. Mchale has it figured out too. He knows enough to let Lin finish out the 4th quarter except during the many times that he FAILed, benched Lin, and let the Harden and Parsons duo commit their last second boo boos. MaFail just doesn’t learn.

            I hope that the rox keep Mchale and that Jeremy Lin returns (like he did to the Cursed Knicks) and show the rox Front office just who really can become the Hall of Fame-er.

            ohh, and no bother at all…. my pleasure.

          • Sandy Therrien

            But he did turn the ball over a bunch and dribble the clock out in the most Steve Francis/Catino Mobley kind of way a lot… Hall of Fame no doubt

          • John Buoye

            Hey, what kind of chucklehead are you? Do you even have a clue what BLASPHEMY is?

            Please tone down your comments until you get a grip on what you are talking about. The more comments you make, the greater total STUPIDITY you display.

          • aymen

            Hahaha okay he did turn over the ball but so did Beverly and no one blames him..stop using lin as a scapegoat. And what was hardens upside??? The man shot like 30 percent the whole series. Just wait till lin gets traded and burns Houston every time he plays them.

          • jcsantos

            What other game did Lin supposedly “cost”?

            Game 1 loss: Lin brought the team to almost winning it TWICE, both in regulation and OT, and yet Harden and McHale decided that every last 2 offensive possessions should be the easily defended Harden isos ALSO TWICE.

            Game 2 loss: Lin was barely played.

            Game 3 WIN: When many other STAR players make the same go-ahead plays over the years even before MJ, it’s ONLY Lin who “should not have done that”? It’s also his fault that Batum made a 3 after DESPITE leaving behind 4 team mates during that layup attempt, 3 still in the back court?

            Game 4 loss: Lin is blamed for ONE TO and playing only 20 minutes? With NO playing time in OT where he couldn’t be a “liability”? When McHale was CHATTING at half court instead of getting ready to call a timeout himself?

            You still want to blame Lin for the Game 4 OT when it was clearly TWO MISSED CALLS on the part of the refs for the REACH-IN FOUL by Lilliard and steal FROM BEHIND and OUT OF BOUNDS by Williams? Rockets fanbase is the only fanbase I see that blames the player for the botched (non) calls by the refs.

            Game 5 WIN: the ONLY game with ball movement in most minutes, leading the to the BEST Rockets win of the series

            Game 6 loss: Lin chucked up 2 half-court shots and another 1-2 last second shots, all because he cared more for the team to get more points rather than preserve his stats, so not counting those, he would have been 4-9 or 4-10 FG%, which means his shooting is NOT to be blamed for this game. He also held Lilliard to ZERO points in the 4th quarter until he questionably got benched for the last defensive play that allowed him to make the game-winning 3-point shot.

            Take you pick.

          • Kwok Wai Lai

            The Rockets wouldn’t have lost with Lin on the court but McHale want the starters be the hero with 1 second left and a 2 points lead.
            That didn’t work out!

    • DK

      Did you even watch the series? Lin was one of the reasons we lost. He screwed up at the end of two closes games which we ended up losing. There was the one where he decided go for layup (which he missed) instead of running down the clock as we had the lead. This lead to batum hitting 3 on the other end. The second one was were he turned over the ball in the backcourt which lead to mo williams 3 in the dying seconds.

      • Jeremy Lin – Duncan

        Stop the bullshit man, the only reason we lost is James Harden, he missed all his shoots in the money time. As long as he still with the Rockets we won’t win the title.

      • Whitman Lam

        The game where Lin missed a layup, the Rockets went on to win the game in OT. How about all the games where Harden played ZERO defense. Beverley couldn’t box out Lillard on crucial rebounds. Parsons no defense. McHale terrible coaching and no drawn up plays.

      • jcsantos

        Lin’s zooming layup attempt left behind FOUR of his team mates, THREE still at the BACK COURT. Loads of other stars have attempted the same thing and have not been criticized as harshly as Lin even though they did miss. The other Rockets had more than enough time to set up a transition defense, and yet they failed to do so, but of course, Lin is still to blame for that botched defense.

        Lin’s TO also involved getting fouled by Lilliard and getting stolen from behind and out of bounds by Mo, already TWO counts of missed calls by the refs. Funny how Rockets fans are the ONLY fans that blame the player for the fault of the refs.
        Where was Harden in all that? Just staring at the ball moving around, and also allowing Mo to steal from Lin without even giving him any warning that he was right behind him. Lost his assignment at the hustle plays that resulted in the 3.
        Where was McHale? Chatting at half court apparently.
        And yet, ALL of that is Lin’s fault?

    • KA

      Lin is not a true point guard, and has an awful tendency to leave his feet without a clear idea of what he’s going to do, often leading to turnovers. Harden’s biggest flaw is ball watching, probably a bad habit he developed early in playing. He needs to see the ball and his man at all times, a basic fundamental of playing defense. If he can develop a new habit (I don’t believe breaking a habit is a possibility, only replacing it with a stronger habit which requires hours of work) will his off ball defense improve. Lin is not as gifted as Harden offensively though Harden did have an awful series, Lin is much more easily replaced. Next time you revisit Lin’s play pay attention to the number to times he leaves his feet and tries to pass the ball, this is also(like ball watching) a flaw in basic fundamentals. Coaches teach you never to leave your feet to pass (if they aren’t idiotic football coaches) in Junior High, same for using peripheral vision to see the ball and your man and staying between the two. Harden can be a good defensive player, but he has to play fundamentally sound defense. Whenever a defender turns his head (ala Harden) any player with half a brain is cutting back door. Thinking Lin is the Rockets best best player is wearing some serious Lin fan goggles, not taking reality into account. Lin has great moments, but isn’t nearly as consistent as Harden if you look at the last two full seasons.

  • Xinyuan Wang

    Couldn’t be happier for Lin!

  • Ray B

    I pray it works out so Lin can be freed from Houston.

  • damon houston

    I know who didnt show up for the playoffs. Starters James Harden, Patrick Beverley, Chandler Parson and Terrence Jones.

    • Whitman Lam

      Don’t forget coach McHale … I think he was too busy reading the funny comic strips on that last defensive possession with 0.6 seconds left in Game 6.

      • Kwok Wai Lai

        In game one, with scores tied 116:116, 1’11″ left, McHale let James Harden shoot the Rockets to a dismal defeat by missing all four shots. the Rockets lost by 2 points.
        Jeremy kept the Rockets in the game by scoring 7 points in overtime, D12 scored 6 points, Parsons missed 3 shots scored no point, James Harden missed 4 shots no point. Hero ball didn’t work!!!!

  • italksorg

    Free Lin! Thanks God!

  • JT Jeanry

    Call the paramedics, another Pollak has just lost his little mind…hahah. In your opinion, what is Lin’s value, Mr. POLACK, sorry, I meant Pollak?….

    • Yoni Pollak

      He has one year at $8.3 million. A bit overpaid for the rest of the NBA. Going to be tough for some teams to take on his contract so the Rockets may need to add a pick to make a team more comfortable to take him on.

      He’s also likely to be dealt in any sign and trade the Rockets do for a star, if that’s the route the opposing team chooses.

      • KA

        Not necessarily, teams have to be at 90% of the cap this season under the new CBA, and there are a number of teams who need to add salary.

  • Ivanahumpalot

    Yes, please liberate Lin! Even IF they manage to land LeBron, as long as that cream dip McHale remains at Houston’s helm, the Rockets aren’t gonna win a damn thing (championship-wise).

  • james

    Rockets could kiss their playoffs goodbye if they add another superstar on their team. Too many egos with iso plays equals losses. Asik and lin need to be traded for this to come true. Hope morey gets it done. H&H were no show in the playoffs. Harassed all series by nobody players.

  • Concerned citizen

    The best fit for Asik and Lin is OKC.. OKC needs a rebounder and defender and bench scoring.. Lin as 6th man will lead the bench…I hope Lin will be traded to OKC.. This what OKC is missing right now.. If they can get Lin and Asik, OKC will have a bigger chance of a championship ring…

    • Ben D

      I have never thought of that, but that would be a great fit! Ibaka as PF, Asik as Center.. with westbrook and durant. Lin off the bench. The chemistry would build quick! That can be a deadly combo IMO. I am sure the Rockets would ask for something nice in return though!

  • louie mangahis

    pollack really hates jlin….

    • Yoni Pollak

      Well that escalated quickly…

      • Whitman Lam

        Yoni Pollak is probably just another internet racist. Don’t pay too much attention to him. Nothing special.

        • Chris Monaghan

          I hope you’re being sarcastic. If you’re not, I hope you never breed

    • Whitman Lam

      No, it’s probably not personal. Pollak gets PAID $$$ to promote the Rockets agenda. Morey thinks he can just buy his way to a championship. Asik and Lin are obstacles to this because their salaries can be combined into one overpaid “superstar” like Deron Williams (Who Morey tried to trade for last year but failed), Melo, or Kevin Love.

    • Jeremy Lin – Duncan

      Pollack, what a dumbass, he’s just a frustrated moron who don’t recognize Jeremy Lin’s real value. He’s just jealous, certainly a Knicks fan who can’t stand Lin’s success out of of his crap franchise.

  • Jeremy Lin – Duncan

    Bunch of morons, Jeremy Lin is the best player ever, go fuck yourselves you ingrateful people !!!

    • DK

      Best Player ever? from all your comments im guessing your lin’s no. 1 fan. Unlike the others, im not going blame him for the loss, but like almost everyone else in the team he did play apart, especially in the two plays that were discussed in the comments. The only guy that showed up in that series in terms of the rockets was Howard. Furthermore, i believe that Jeremy Lin is overpaid for a bench player (yes his numbers could match his salary they start him but we already enough offensive production in the starting line-up n thus beverly defence is more beneficial.) I admit Harden choked in the series but you cant say lin any better, considering the defence focuses more on harden than lin

    • KA

      weak attempt at trolling

  • jabberjibbers

    Honestly had the Rockets not marginalized Lin and put start Beverly over Lin, Lin trade value would have been higher.

    I mean, Lin had stretches scoring 30+. He even manage to get a triple double off the bench. Who else has done that?

    Point is, Jeremy Lin manage to do OK for what he was given. Which isn’t much. Since James Harden had the ball 90% of the time.

    But it’s a good thing Lin is leaving Houston. Rockets don’t want him and he doesn’t want to be there.

    We all know what happened to the Knicks when they got rid of Lin right? Yep! They failed to make the playoffs. Talk about a ridiculous contact. LOL

    I guess all the reporters and commentators care about is POINTS. Anyone can score 30+ given the opportunity. James Harden himself scored 30+ while taking 30 shots. haha Not sure how the hell his “values are so up there”. Overrated!

    • Jeremy Lin – Duncan

      Man you don’t even know what you are talking about. Jeremy Lin is the only player who didn’t disapoint this year. Honestly James Harden should be a sixth man just like in OKC, he wasted the Rockets playoffs by missing all his shots, there is no need to talk about his defense which is non-existant. The rest of the team was useless all the time. The only reason why the Rockets could make it to the playoffs is Jeremy Lin.

      Now you are talking about Carmelo Anthony LOL what a joke. The guy is already 30 years old and didn’t make it to the playoffs this year. All the team he played for became crap. And fans are willing to make him play for the team they cheer for.

      The only way for the Rockets to become a strong franchise is to fire James Harden or put him off the bench and rebuild arround Jeremy Lin.

  • gasparthe2

    EDIT “Asik has value, and many teams would like to have an elite defensive center and rebounder. Lin however, doesn’t hold the same value, and the Rockets may need to add a draft pick with Lin in order to take him off the team’s cap”

    Yoni Pollak parrots like the other birds of his class (Nba mouthpieces): Mimics but don’t know what they’re talking about. I can only guess that these people get paid to be stupid.

    Perhaps when the very talented and gifted Jeremy Lin gets recruited by a team and coach unlike the rockettes and mcfail {elements which shall continue to FAIL (mark my words) like the knicks did} and who will not be blinded by conceit and bigotry and can appreciate a first class point guard and a team like the Spurs who can win, win, win… then will these azz’holes change their tunes and only because the birdcage has changed keepers.

    ‘Nuff said”.

  • Azalea Moua

    Houston is not the place for Lin/Asik. I think we’ve already seen that it didn’t work out very well. Their commitment to McHale/Harden/Howard is evident and is hurting Lin’s chances of developing a stronger game and playing team basketball. He could do so much better on a team with better on court chemistry. Iso ball doesn’t win when your designated ISO player doesn’t show up. And your coach has no concept of team play cause all he ever was was a iso post up player. And he depends on a point guard who is soley defensive minded. Last season’s first round knockout was no fluke. It happened because there were real BIG HOLES in player chemistry. Portland exploited all their weaknesses and kicked butt big time. A synergy is only as good as its parts and when it’s parts don’t work together, it’s got nothing. Time to move on Lin, now is the time. Stop being so damn humble and demand to be traded.

  • imroxfan

    Finally Lin and Asik could be freed from the big snake pit in Houston!
    It would be great for Lin for a chance to play for a new coach who will appreciate his trade mark games including fantastic passes and team ball. I’m sure Lin would be a much better scorer the next season if the coach allow him to do his best on court.

  • Ray B

    Beverley got lit up like he was a Christmas light while Lin played lockdown D. FACT.

    • Chris Monaghan

      Where the hell do you people come from? The stupidity is a plague on this discussion thread…

  • Ray B

    Rockets are better without the bearded ball hog and mcfail. FACT.

  • Chris Monaghan

    This discussion thread is proof that meth is the drug of choice in Houston. Lin is a turnover machine and should be wiping real players sweat off the court.

    • Kwok Wai Lai

      D12 and James Harden turned over the ball more than Lin. They are turnover motors. You are so one-sided.

    • team3d

      2013-2014 PG TOPG (turnovers per game)

      westbrook 3.8

      curry 3.8

      wall 3.6

      mcw 3.5

      rose 3.4

      rondo 3.3

      bledsoe 3.3

      lawson 3.2

      thomas 3.0

      teaque 2.9

      rubio 2.7

      jennings 2.7

      irving 2.7

      knight 2.6

      LIN 2.5

      lowry 2.5

      lillard 2.4

      walker 2.3

      cp3 2.3


      • Chris Monaghan

        Nice copy and paste. What you are missing is the fact that he played significantly fewer minutes than the rest of the players at the bottom part of that group. The fact is he is tied for the 4th highest turnover ratio out of all PG’s in the game. 14% of his touches end with turnovers…jesus people come on now.

      • Chris Monaghan

        Nice copy and paste…The fact is he played fewer minutes than 95% of the players on that list…if you factor in the amount of minutes he played he is tied for the 4th highest turnover rate among point guards in the NBA

  • micah

    hi lin fans and lin haters, please calm.
    just face it, Lin is neither excellent nor he is the bottom of the all NBA players.

    just don’t get to an extreme and enjoy the game.