Nov 18, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson (80) scores a game winning touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime at Reliant Stadium. The Texans defeated the Jaguars 43-37. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

What The Houston Texans Should Do With Andre Johnson

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Houston Texans star wide receiver is a man of his word, and is willing to lose $1 million dollars in bonuses to skip workouts. Johnson is upset with the Texans for choosing to rebuild yet again while the receiver is already at the tail end of his career.

Despite him signing a deal that made him NFL’s top paid wide out, Johnson is upset with the organization for not drafting a quarterback higher in the draft. While Johnson may have a legitimate beef with the team for not taking a quarterback higher, sitting out is not the answer.

Yes, the Texans needed help tremendously at that position, but with a new head coaching regime and a quarterback class not exactly wowing scouts coming into this draft, the Texans had good reason to wait it out. Jadaveon Clowney was the clear cut number one draft pick, and was also the draft’s best player this year so it was a no brainer for the Texans to take him. With Bill O’ Brien in town, a resurgence has begun with this team in a positive way, and most believe the Texans are headed in the right direction.

The Texans do not need to go the Cleveland Cavaliers route, and just wait it out and let Johnson continue to be a distraction. Deal him to a contender who is one receiver away from being a Superbowl favorite and take as many quality picks as possible and call it a day.

The 34-year old receiver may be up their in age, but is certainly not chopped liver. Just check out his numbers in the 2013-2014 season; an impressive 109 receptions, 1,407 yards and 5 TD’s. There is no need to dwell on a guy who won’t buy into a system. This off-season we’ve already seen the Philadelphia Eagles release their star receiver Desean Jackson, and let him sign with a division rival Washington Redskins because he did not buy in to system and coach.

Am I implying Texans utilize that same strategy? Not at all, you do not let a player as coveted as Andre Johnson walk for nothing, but messing up team chemistry and putting a dark cloud over the new coach is not a good idea as well.

The Texans are not the type of organization to make these kinds of gut check moves to send a message to the other players in the locker room that nobody is above the team, but with a new coaching regime on hand that resembles the New England Patriots, things might be changing.

How do you think the Texans should proceed?

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  • Game Ball

    You have said it correctly about Johnson. This stunt hurts his quest for Hall Of Fame inductee. This is a selfish move and NOT a TEAM move. If he would agree to rearrange his contract that would enable him to be traded then he needs to make those changes to get his way. Moving to another team doesn’t mean he will do any better there either this season. The teams with the Cap space are not the TOP teams so he could be in a worse position. I hope they trade him but if not then I would not blame the Coaches for using him as a decoy for the first half the season and throw to the younger guns who need to have growth and success for the future of the Team. Johnson is soon to be a has been because of age. THE coached should not reward this stunt.

  • Marty Adams

    From a PR standpoint, the Texans are playing this just right; i.e. no bad-mouthing and patience. I think in the end, ‘Dre will be moved but there’s time for that. Meantime, watch and see which of the WRs step up in training camp. If a “go-to” guy doesn’t emerge, then trade Johnson for the best WR available. If someone DOES step-up, then shoot for draft choices.

  • Tony Kammerer

    “The 34-year old receiver may be up their in age”
    should be:
    “The 32-year old receiver may be up there in age”

  • Boyd Everitt

    Huge Andre Fan but I say trade him if possible