Feb 12, 2014; Oakland, CA, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) reacts after making a three point basket against the Golden State Warriors with less than a second remaining at Oracle Arena. The Heat defeated the Warriors 111-110. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets: A Possible Destination For LeBron James?

Waking up, First Take is something that is a normality of my morning. The popular ESPN talk show discussed the future of four time MVP, LeBron James.

LeBron is always a topic of discussion but what analyst Skip Bayless said this morning will resonate with all Houston Rockets fans. The conversation brought out many gems of information concerning the possible trade.

“Signing Dwight showed the rest of the world Houston is a tier one free agent destination, and Lesley Alexander Rockets owner has that aggressiveness in his DNA and he has a track record of getting players, such as Cylde Drexler, Tracy McGrady James Harden Dwight Howard. Daryl Morey is known to get things done when it’s least expected.”

All of these things make it a real possibility for Houston to put the pressure to move for James.

Below are the quotes from Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless taken from the @ESPN_FirstTake Twitter account:

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With all the talks of Carmelo, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, many people never even considered the acquisition of LeBron James. We all know what LeBron brings to the table and he has always had dreams of playing alongside other stars (as seen with his choice to leave Cleveland to head to Miami). As Dwyane Wade ages, LeBron might look for another pair of stars to team up with. What better pair than James Harden and Dwight Howard?

It isn’t as simple as it sounds, however. The Houston Rockets will have to make significant roster moves in order to accommodate for the salary cap and make room for James, but if James does decide that he wants to join, the Rockets would most definitely make it happen.

Nobody knows exactly will happen in this summer’s free agency but one thing is certain, LeBron James will have a big decision to make; stay in Miami with an aging Dwyane Wade or move to a team with young talent in “Fear the Beard Harden” and “Superman Dwight Howard.”

Skip Bayless also said, “If he were a betting man, he’d bet that the Rockets will get one or the other Carmelo or LeBron.”

What do you think Rocket fans? Do you think LeBron James will entertain the idea of coming to Houston?

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  • Guest

    Lebron is a asshole fuck pissraeli

  • Connor

    If this happens and LeBron is wearing a Rockets jersey next year….please make this happen.

    • MH5

      It’s all up to Daryl Morey! Hopefully we see some of the magic that he used to get Dwight!

      • slamface76 .

        if any one can do it, it is Morey

  • slamface76 .

    that would be crazy, even tho there would b 10000000000000 Rockets fans popping up from nowhere

    • MH5

      True Rockets fans would be a premium at that point. So many people would hop on the bandwagon it would be insane!

      • slamface76 .

        I would not like that. I have been through the highs and lows with HOU and to c some band wagon fans talkin bout team Rockets would piss me off

        • MH5

          Nobody likes the bandwagon fans especially here in Houston. It’s been almost twenty years since our last championship and the fans that have been there since then deserve all the bragging rights when we reach the promise land again. Not the one’s that just hop on because King James or Melo decide to come to town

          • slamface76 .

            I second that. A few of my friends are Heat “fans” and I told em in the middle of this past season actually, if Bron comes to HOU I do not wanna see yall with HOU jerseys on. Keep ya Heat jerseys.

          • MH5

            We’ll see how many of them keep their heat jerseys in a few weeks if he leaves lol

  • Lucas Daniel Uribe

    LeBron should consider Houston. Only thing is Pat Riley will do whatever he needs to do to keep LeBron. Daryl Morey is a smart guy put Pat has been doing this for years. It’s all up to LeBron, he would be playing with a not-even-in-his Prime James Harden and the Best Center in the NBA. He would definately bring out the best defense in James Harden and i am not going to mention Pat Beverly, because we already the defensive tenacity he brings every night.

    • MH5

      Pat Riley has been around the block for sure. If anyone can get LeBron to stay with old man Wade it’ll be Riley. Do you really think LeBron could get Harden to play defense? I know LBJ is a leader, but it seems like Harden wants no part of the defensive side of basketball.

  • Rey

    Who cares about bandwagoner’s, if you are a true Rockets fan bringing The King to Houston, the best player in the NBA, would be the boost we need to get us more rings. I love my team regardless, with or without Lebron. But you cant be stupid to let an opportunity like this go by. #RedNation #Go Rockets! “Fear The Beard”, Superman, King James?

    • MH5

      I agree man. If LBJ wants to come play with two budding stars Rockets fans would be dumb not to embrace it. Hopefully the meeting the Rockets and LBJ agent had went well!