Do the Houston Texans already have their answer at Right Tackle?

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The Houston Texans went into the 2014 draft with many needs. Prior to the draft, any time you read something from a publication or listened to a local sports talk radio station, you likely heard a different list of needs in terms of importance. Certainly quarterback was at the top of most of the conversation. But after that, you might have heard, pass rusher, inside linebacker, safety, running back, guard and you most definitely heard right tackle.

Now we all know the story of the 2014 draft where the Texans attempted to fill most of those needs. Many are of course concerned that they may still not have a starting QB. That remains to be seen, but if we’re honest the Texans simply had too many holes to fill everything in one draft. One of the positions that they did not draft nor sign a free agent to fill is right tackle.

GM Rick Smith has repeatedly said the Texans don’t draft for need but instead, stick to their draft board and take who they feel is the best player available. The perfect pick is where need meets draft grade and availability. But without the Texans even bringing in a veteran to compete via free agency, we have to assume that they at least feel they have the answer currently on the roster.

But who is the answer?

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