Kevin Love? Carmelo Anthony? Kyrie Irving? - Houston Rockets Trade Wishlist

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Now that basketball has been finished in Houston long enough for us to lick our wounds, it is time to start seriously considering who we might be able to make a run at in the off-season. We have all heard the big names associated (hopefully) with the Rockets, and we know that a certain GM is not afraid of making a splash in free agency. The past two seasons have more than proven that point.

Owner Les Alexander has always been in the market for a trophy, so why not go for one more big name? I’m sure any of these players would take us from the first round of the playoffs, into the Western Conference Finals, or beyond.

Do you think we should hold on to Terrence Jones, and Chandler Parsons, or are they expendable?

Anyone NOT named James Harden or Dwight Howard seems to be on the chopping block, so let’s take a look at some possible deals for any of the aforementioned star players.

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