Nov 9, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley (2) plays defense during the first quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Beverley Named To NBA All-Defensive 2nd Team

Patrick Beverley was named to the NBA All-Defensive 2nd team today.

Here’s the breakdown of the votes, courtesy of

NBA All-Defensive First Team

Position | Player, Team | 1st TeamVotes(2 pts) | 2nd TeamVotes (1pt) |TotalPoints

Center | Joakim Noah, Chicago | 105 | 13 | 223

Forward | Paul George, Indiana | 65 | 31 | 161

Guard | Chris Paul, LA Clippers | 64 | 28 | 156

Forward | Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City | 54 | 44 | 152

G/F | Andre Iguodala, Golden State 57 | 34 | 148

NBA All-Defensive Second Team

Forward | LeBron James, Miami | 57 | 20 | 134

Guard | Patrick Beverley, Houston | 44 | 24 | 112

Guard | Jimmy Butler, Chicago | 29 | 45 | 103

Forward | Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio | 16 | 57 | 89

Center | Roy Hibbert, Indiana | 15 | 46 | 76

Beverley seemed happy to receive the honor.

What may be the most interesting part of the NBA All-Defense teams is that James Harden received votes. Yes, the same James Harden that hasn’t played defense since his siblings tried to steal his candy away from him.

How bad was Harden on defense this season? Bad enough that we had our boy @DarthTexan draw up this picture to the right. Yes, turnstile-bad defense. Bc8rBoHCMAEOCdA

Other interesting notes? Dwight Howard received six first team votes, and only 26 total points, not good enough to be Roy Hibbert for second team all defense.

No other Houston Rockets player received any votes.

Congrats to Patrick Beverley and we hope to see him on the first team next season. Harden on the other hand, we can only dream!

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  • freddyb

    Congrats Pat your the man!!!!

  • Ray B

    Give me a break. Beverley is the most over hyped and over rated player in the NBA. He can pressure the ball but is extremely easy to beat to the hoop. Way too easy. Bev never shut anybody down. Lin actually shut people down. Just watch and listen to any neutral broadcast and you will hear the commentators singing the praises of Jeremy Lin…..NOT Bev. Bev. making an all defensive team is propaganda at the level of North Korea. This is a joke….a pure joke. LMMFAO!

    • Mike

      You’re insane. Lin hasn’t shut anybody down as a Rocket. Not one player at any position, much less his very own. Well, besides when he shuts himself down by playing like he’s never seen a basketball.

      You just made all that up because your in love with Lin. You didn’t even try to hide it a little.