Dec 1, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Case Keenum (7) runs with the ball during the fourth quarter against the New England Patriots at Reliant Stadium. The Patriots defeated the Texans 34-31. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans: The Choice is Clear: Start Case Keenum!

Houston Texans:  The Choice is Clear:  Start Case Keenum

Time has now transitioned into the early summer and training camp will be starting in about another month.  But there’s one thing that has been on my mind that needs to be addressed.  Who will be the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans next season?

Since the evolution of the present-day NFL from 1967, more emphasis has been placed on quarterback play.  In this era, you must have a talented, successful quarterback that can:

  • Be a leader of men
  • Make smart decisions
  • Read defenses and be able to accurately find their targets
  • Improvise and have the ability to scramble when a particular play breaks down
  • Enough strength and conditioning to take hard hits if protection fails

Houston, we have a guy that is fully capable of being the epitome of those five bullet points that I mentioned!

I’d like to endorse Case Keenum as our starting quarterback for next season!  The guy is extremely multi-faceted and I believe that he deserves a chance to start under center.

I honestly think that Bill O’Brien‘s offensive style can be personally suited to Keenum’s intangibles that would cause him to thrive.

I may be a bit partial because I love me some University of Houston Football and it was an absolute pleasure watch him do work at The Rob, the Coogs’ former home. I attended every home game this past season with the exception of their match up against BYU.  The reason?  I hit the road out to the Paris of the Plains to catch Case Keenum make his NFL-debut at Arrowhead Stadium against a burgeoning Kansas City Chiefs team!

Anyway, Tyron Carrier was one of his top targets; and, boy did they make some beautiful music together!  He went on to receive for nearly 3,000 yards (nearly 6,000 all-purpose yards) and was instrumental in the team’s exponential success while they were there.  Keenum passed for nearly 20,000 yards in his collegiate career and Carrier helped boost that number plenty to get it to where it ended up.

I feel that the same rapport can be revived with Andre Johnson, who is not pleased with the progress of the development of the current roster.  He was the only quarterback that he seemed to have a connection with this past season and I think there’s a way that this can work.

Andre Johnson isn’t going anywhere but this will be one of the sticking points in regard to getting him to stay.

Keenum passed for about 1,800 yards with nine touchdowns to six interceptions for a 78.2 QB rating in eight games last season.  These numbers are nothing to write home about but they will only increase when Keenum knows the opportunity is there.

Come on, he was in a situation last season where he didn’t know if he was going to start from week-to-week, Gary Kubiak‘s job was in deep jeopardy and he was dealing with a disgruntled QB — Matt Schaub, the one he took the job from — not wanting to give him any help because he wanted it back, plain and simple.

I also didn’t see Johnson get engaged in a shouting match with Keenum last year either.

If Keenum knows he’s the man, then he will excel and exceed expectations that we couldn’t even fathom as fans.

The time is now Bill — start Keenum this season, let Ryan Fitzpatrick back him up and make T.J. Yates the No. 3 quarterback.  The division is still wide open and up for grabs!  With a new defensive scheme and coordinator on deck with Romeo Crennel in charge, our defense will be the prevailing factor in our success.

Just look at my five bullet points.

If you mix Keenum in that formula, WE WILL SUCCEED.  Now it’s time to do it.

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  • Darrin Lion

    Keenum played 8 games. He threw 7 TDs and 0 interceptions in his first 3 games. In the last 5 games he threw 2 TDs and 6 INTs. He got worst.

    He took a lot of sacks when blitzed and he threw a lot of interceptions when the defense didn’t. Source: ESPN

    Compare that to a rookie that Bill O’Brien actually coached — Matt McGloin and you’ll see Keenum doesn’t deserve to start.

    • Brian Patterson

      True, he did start to taper off after those three games but think what was going through his head. The ship was sinking and there’s was nothing he could do about it.

      That proves my point — if Matt McGloin can be a starter in the NFL, so can Case if coached up correctly. I really like to see him get a fair shot under different circumstances with our new coach at the helm.

      If we’re keeping the QBs we have now, Keenum has the upside and is more than capable to take the lead.

      • Darrin Lion

        What he went through the last games disproves 4 of your 5 bullet points. Playing QB is more mental than physical. If it was the opposite, Terrell Pryor would be better than Peyton Manning. You can’t say he is a leader, physically strong etc etc and then say “what was going through his head during”..

        Umm.. Matt McGloin is a 3rd string QB… on the Raiders. Only became a starter when Matt Flynn and Terrell Pryor didn’t work out. He is currently 3rd again behind Schaub and Derek Carr. It is very clear that nobody (including his former HC) believes he is a legitimate starter… and he had a better rookie season than Keenum (and beat him head to head) with arguably less weapons.

        Keenum is not a starter and probably will not make the Texans roster.

        • Brian Patterson

          Those are fair points but the difference was the dysfunction of our locker room, it had been said it was divided. Case did as best as he could under the circumstances. A new regime is in — he deserves another shot.

          • Carey

            Agree!!!! His talent was not nurtured under the miserable Kubiak system. Case has talent that has not been exposed. Seriously!

          • Brian Patterson


        • Perry Ball

          You mean the guy that had the best first start rookie stats in NFL history and did so without the solid running game the team is known for, a weak O-line, had a team that was no longer playing with heart, a head coach that wanted him to fail for his mancrush on Schaub, and never lost a game to playoff teams by less than 1 score despite the kicker missing field goals left and right. Yeah, I’ll take my chances with Case.

    • Robert Hay

      your an idiot….McGloin had 8 td 8 int……his qb rating was lowers than keenums…..and he wasn’t on a team with no RBs or coach

    • Adam Stansel

      kubiak called plays that dissolved any chance of gain in yardage muchless a TD! gary kubiak was jealous the owner bob mcnair forced him to sit schaub and he wasnt going to allow case to look good i watched everygame and watched it as it happened he shut not only case down but the entire offense he was a bitter jealous man his last half of the season in houston!! i just feel sorry for baltimore all though im thankful kub’s aint in houston!! however he stiil left that stigma in ppl like you’s mind’s its completly inaccurate if you look at cases first4starts against good D(kc,ind,ariz,oakland) the numbers he put up with a shitty line and shittier coaching were numbers that rival anyQB4the best start in nfl history and hes a record setter no matter what level of competition he faces!! therefor he does deserve to start!!!CASE2START2014!!!KEEP-ANDRE-HAPPY!!!ONE LOVE!!!

  • hexor <—Case Keenum @ The Helm & Houston Texans Highlights 2013

    • Brian Patterson

      Absolutely love it — thanks for sharing. Look how he runs that bootleg with precision!

  • Louie Partain

    Say What!… Case Keenum Reads defenses? That is inane!!!

    • Brian Patterson

      He didn’t have time to make the hot read because our O-Line was trash and he had to be on the move! I too wish that he hadn’t taken so many 30-yard sacks but look what he had to work with!

  • David Roberts

    Break his stats down further and he looks better.

    His first
    start was in Kansas City (11-5); a game I attended. Foster had four
    carries and Tate played through four broken ribs: 15 carries, 50 yards.
    We rushed for a total of 73 yards, ten of which were by Keenum; he even tied Tate for highest yards/carry.. QB Rating 110.6. Lost by one point.

    Bye week, and then Indianapolis (11-5) at home.
    Foster had zero carries. Tate still had four broken ribs: 22 carries, 81
    yards. Total rushing yards were 143, with Keenum generating 26. Andre Johnson connected for his first three touchdowns in the
    FIRST HALF of that game. They end halftime with 21-3 lead and Kubiak
    goes down with a heart problem. The FG kicker made 1 for 4 Field goals. Are the 24 point the Colts scored in the second half on Case? I don’t think he plays defense? QB Rating: 123.4

    We were in both those games. That isn’t bad for against two 11-5 playoff teams with your star rusher out and your backup having four broken ribs.

    Matt Schaub’s QB rating went from 110 to 76.6 in the first two wins and he only broke 82 once after that, 98.5.

    • Brian Patterson

      That’s exactly what I’m talking about, agreed, awesome analysis!

    • Brian Patterson

      That Chiefs’ game was one of the best games I’ve attended in my life — lifetime memories!

  • bshine

    I believe Case has what it takes and his full potential hasn’t been seen due to bad coaching. I think we should give him a shot and with new coaching I know he will blow us away with his talent this year!!!!! Give him a shot and right now with Andre Johnson giving up Case is our only hope to ignite the Texans!!! #Bulls on parade baby!!!!! #Case and Andre and that bad ass defensive team roster the coaches have put together is gonna rip the competition apart!!!

    • Brian Patterson


    • Mark Crowe

      I think Keenum has obvious talent, but he needs some coaching TLC like all the great ones. You could see in interviews last year that he was a bit lost and confused–and I believe that all comes down to coaching. The ability is there, if a bit raw. Let’s give him a chance to succeed.

      • Brian Patterson

        I think that’s all he needs, he can do this & deserves a shot! #Case4TexansQB

      • Big3Kansas

        Yeah, I also feel like he could have put too much pressure on himself. In post game interviews he took responsibility for all his teams losses, just like every QB does, the only problem is that it looked like Keenum really believed that he let his team down, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

        • Brian Patterson

          So true — there were many other problems this team had last season like special teams mishaps, invisible cornerbacks, weak o-line, etc. Yes, Case had some bad games but for people to say that he has had his opportunity doesn’t make up the fact that Kubiak never intended for him to be the starter in first place. Kubiak was a man worried about his job and he needed a spark to prolong his stay a bit longer. I could make a case that Keenum saved Kubs’ job for just a bit longer. I don’t think Bob McNair would’ve been able to take anymore of Schaub’s Pick-Six’s right around when Case got the nod to start.

  • Doug Pitre

    All I can say is that with an intact team Case can win. The team that takes Case and develops him will be rewarded. No QB with the Texans last year was successful. I believe that TJ can also be successful when taken seriously. He may the best QB on the roster today.

    • Brian Patterson

      Both QBs have talent but Case should start. We’ll never forget that TJ gave us our first playoff win though! True!

  • bernmac

    Case is hands down the best QB on that roster!

    • Brian Patterson

      Damn right!

  • Adam Stansel

    i have to say thank you all so very much for your opinions!! i was beginning to feel as though i was living in the twilight zone. everyone around me talks about case as though they never saw him and andre burnin defenses and not too shaby d at that(kc,indi,neweng) the first 4games case started were what every houston fan wanted to see glimpses of greatness and the obvious potential to become a high powered offense if the coaching would turn case lose and let him improvise!! thats a very important part to case’s game!! i feel gary kubiak porposely called a terrible last 4games as far as playcalling just to make case look bad!! seriously the last4starts of the season i dont think he gave case 1 route over20yards and we all know case can sling it!! i counted up the yardage on a few of cases throws to the back of the endzone both to andre johnson and deandre hopkins for TD’s case was just behind the 50yard marker, thats throws of 60yards!!! not to mention the bomb to garret graham he caught at the 2 and walked in wide open that throw was over 65yards from cases hand to grahams hands!! case deserves to have a full season behind a good line with a great playcaller in a coach who trusts cases ability to option and improvise on the fly!! i think case and andre johnson will break so many historical nfl records if this can just come to fruition!!!CASE2START2014!!!KEEPANDREHAPPY!!!ONELOVE!!!

    • Brian Patterson

      You’re not the only one — there are a lot of us who feel he deserves another shot and great points you’ve brought up! #FreeCaseKeenum #Case4TexansQB

  • Rob

    If he wins out then fine. Best of luck. But there is no way he will be in a “it’s his position to lose” scenario. If Keenum can show he can read defenses – especially the blitz then he might do really well.

    Savage could also start before all is said and done this year. He can make throws the others can’t. This is a smash mouth football team this year; defense + ground and pound. Whoever is at QB will not have the pressure on them like last year. Savage may not be a bad choice here – if he is ready. He can stretch the field like no Texan QB prior. He has shown an ability to make accurate reads on the fly plus he is an all academic. Chris Sims had him rated as the best passer in the draft. Savage could be the man, in the end, this year. But, if Keenum can pull it off then all the more power to him.

    • Brian Patterson

      I really like the upside of Savage but I believe the time is now for Case to get a legitimate shot in a new system. Savage has a heck of an arm and it will be interesting to see how O’Brien brings him along.


  • Big3Kansas

    I’m a Chiefs fan, but I’m also a Case Keenum fan. I wanted the Chiefs to try to get Keenum from the practice squad in 2012. And when he started against the Chiefs, I rooted for him to do good, but still hoped for the Texans to lose. And his 1st start was pretty damn impressive.

  • Franklin Edwards

    Case will win starting job before season opener, shorter drop back
    and quicker reads will fix these fundamentals.

    • Brian Patterson

      I totally agree, he still has a shot and those are the only things he needs to fix!

  • Franklin Edwards

    Fitzs is good ! However case comes in like a gunfighter he can sling
    It from any point on the field . So you will have a aggressive offense to go
    With smash mouth defense . He got bradys attention !