Houston Rockets: A Three-Team Trade Proposal For Kevin Love

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Ever since the NBA Draft Lottery finished up, I have been working on some sort of three team deal to get Kevin Love to Houston. Why Kevin? I think he is the perfect fit for the Rockets and I think the Timberwolves will deal him before the season starts.

Here is my suggestion for Rockets GM Daryl Morey, using ESPN’s NBA Trade MachineScreen Shot 2014-05-22 at 11.12.01 AM

The Timberwolves would also receive #8 from Sacramento and #25 from Houston.

There is a lot to swallow in this deal. Three teams, eight players, two picks, and a lot of money.

There are so many ways to form a three-team deal but it does not happen often in the NBA. It is hard enough to get two managers to agree to a trade, even more so three general managers. However, Rockets GM Daryl Morey has worked with these organizations several times in the past. Morey acquired Thomas Robinson from the Kings during the 2012-2013 season. Morey also worked with the Timberwolves when he traded Chase Budinger two summers ago, and acquired Donatas Motiejunas and Jonny Flynn a summer before that.

The Kings and Timberwolves have also worked out a deal recently, swapping Derrick Williams and Luc Mbah a Moute early last season. Morey has yet to work with new Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro but he likely has dealt with several other Kings executives in their front office.

Let’s take a look at why each team would and would not take this deal.

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  • Todd DelGiudice

    ‘Parsons is a great player’ – You seriously overrate this guy. He is a good to very good jack of all trades role player – just throwing the word great around, it starts to lose it’s impact. He had pretty good #’s this past season, but less so if you take a look at his per 36min #’s. He played a LOT of minutes to inflate his stats. Also, he is sort of the opposite of clutch – like TJ – they both tend to disappear in 4th quarters/crunch time.

    • Yoni Pollak

      I think I underrate him more than many Rockets fan do. The guy is a great player. I guess it depends on how you define “great” in the NBA. I think there are a lot of “great” players in the NBA. LeBron and Durant aren’t “great” players, they are OUT OF THIS WORLD players. Parsons is “great” like Klay Thompson is “great”. Those guys go out and ball every night.

      Trust me. I love me some Chandler Parsons but I don’t go crazy over the guy. He’s someone I’m okay with dealing, whereas many believe he is “untradeable” in this league.

      • Jah

        Delusional. You do know this is Parson’ 3rd or 4th year, and he’s been a starter since his 1st year and hadn’t made top-honors in anything.

        Most Improved Player? Nope.
        1st all-team? Nope.
        2nd all-team? Nope.
        Defensive Player of the Year? Nope.
        Rookie of the year? Nope.
        Top-3 point shooter? Nope
        Superstar? Nope.
        Top 5 SF? Nope.

        So, how is he “great” when he never achieved nothing in 3 to 4 years he’s been in the league and given the green-light to do whatever he wants.

        The guy is barely a serviceable starter but more suited as a bench player because he disappear at the most critical time of the game.

        With Melo, we wouldn’t even have that problem. And that’s a trur, great player. Not Parsons.

        • Yoni Pollak

          Melo is a superstar. Parsons is a good-to-great player. I agree they’re different.

  • Jz Jz

    LOL! When you make trade scenarios you can’t just look at your own team. Why would the Wolves take on Lin and Terry? Makes no sense whatsoever. And Asik to the Kings?? Last time i checked they already had a very good center, and as we saw with Asik last year, he’s not interested in coming off the bench.

    If this is the best the Rockets can offer for Love (it just might be), they better focus on Melo and Rondo (and maybe Millsap). The best thing about those players is that it wouldn’t necessarily require deconstructing the team to get them. Melo at the 4 would be ultra exciting – ya he’s not guarding elite PFs, but they’re not guarding him either.

    • Yoni Pollak

      Take the time to read the article, not just the picture of the trade. All my points are in there. As far as Melo, it would definitely take less to get him and that may be the Rockets preferred option.

  • Jah

    Parsons is no 3rd Superstar and never will be. The only reason I can think of why the Rockets would trade for Love when we don’t need his service is due to Morey, Mchale and the White-boys fanbase of the Rockets.

    They simply think we need another “whiteboy” with Howard and Harden when what we really need is another BLACK Superstar player like Carmelo or LaMarcus Aldridge.

    Love has no defense whatsoever. I’m the Playoffs, it’s about defense —— can you even imagine what Aldridge will do to Love on offense?? At least Jones defense is little better that Love.

    If we give up Asik, the guy who can somewhat guard Aldridge, we will be in worst shape than this year’ Playoff run.

    Melo makes the most sense. Get rid of Parsons, Lin, Motie and Casspi and stop acquiring these useless and passive White-boys to pair up with Superstars like Harden and Howard. All we’re doing is wasting time with this crazy mess.

    If Morey Draft or acquire one more sorry White-boy, we need to look to fire his stupid a**. Along with that loser, McHale.

    • JL Todd

      Moron – it has nothing to do with color. Love would complement Howard with his outside shooting. He is also a very good rebounder. His defense is horrible, but Carmelo’s is even worse. Parsons isn’t a ‘superstar’ but he is a very versatile player (like Shane Battier) and is a good team player. Your basketball IQ is about your shoe size. Moron.

      • Jah

        It’s not about color, idiot. It’s the GENES that comes with being a Black Superstar talent!

        Parsons gave us outside shooting. Did it help? Nope. Love can only do a notch better but not the quality player a BLACK Superstar is!

        And rebounding wasn’t our weakness. Defense was. My thinking is, if Harden is having a shooting slump like he showed in the Playoffs, I like the idea we can put him on the bench, plug in another Black Superstar player like Melo along with Howard and still do damage. Blacks plays with “heart.” Whites, just textbook guy but no heart. That’s the difference.

        And as far as I.Q., you will never get a team with all the guys having the same high I.Q. Go build you a team with all White boys and high I.Q.’s, and I’ll pick 2 average Black guys with average I.Q. but better GENES and dominant along with 3 Black Superstar players and I swear that all Black team will destroy your Whit- boy team by 50 to 60 points per game, in a Playoff series.

        I.Q. is OVERRATED with White-boys among DOMINANT GENES BLACK PLAYERS. Racist!

        • Lenny Nunez

          This is probably one of the most ignorant posts I have seen in a long time. We are all now dumber from having to read your moronic statements. I love when people call someone a racist when clearly they are hiding behind their own misconceptions of another race. I wish I could make you sell your team but I guess just calling you a dumb ass will have to do.

        • Greg Hill

          Jah, put the crack pipe down. It’s already killed all your brain cells and will eventually kill you. Never mind, here’s another rock.

    • Tripline

      John Stockton and Steve Kerr would like to have a word with you. There isn’t enough balls in the NBA to house Howard, Harden and Carmelo. You also believe that the Blazers will trade a 30/10 guy during playoff time? LOL.

  • Andrew Hoerner Hagberg

    This is so unrealistic I can’t believe I even took the time to read it.