Houston Rockets: Carmelo Anthony Or Kevin Love?

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The Houston Rockets will be actively pursuing a third star this summer. Both Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony either want out of their situations or should want out and the Rockets will pursue both.

Kevin Love has one season remaining on his contract though is expected to leave the Minnesota Timberwolves next summer. The Timberwolves would love to keep Love but they would be wise to maximize his value by dealing him this summer if he’s expected to walk for free.

The Timberwolves front office has been reluctant to answer any phone calls for Kevin Love in the past, but it appears they are now willing to listen to offers. Though they would be wise to ship him this summer, it is also possible they wait until the February trade deadline. The Timberwolves could also choose to keep him in Minnesota all of next season and hope he stays.

The New York Knicks are in a similar situation with Carmelo Anthony, though Anthony is in total control of his situation. Melo can make another $33 million more with the Knicks than any other team if he chooses to stay in New York. The Knicks can also work out a sign-and-trade with another team if Anthony chooses to play elsewhere.

Anthony is getting older and he wants to win an NBA championship. The Knicks hope Phil Jackson can keep him in New York, but the Knicks have yet to take a step in the right direction since acquiring Melo a few seasons ago. Carmelo would be wise to leave New York and Houston will pursue Anthony if he chooses to leave “The Big Apple”.

Which free agent fits better in Houston? Let’s take a look!

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