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Please Stay Andre Johnson!


I’m writing on behalf of the Houston fan base to try and convince you to reconsider the possibility of you wanting to end your Texans career. I have no idea why you would listen. I completely understand your frustration, but I figured I would give it a shot.

I know the draft didn’t bring someone to get you the football. You and I both know how unlikely it is that Tom Savage will ever be an elite NFL quarterback. Even if he beat the odds, it will be much closer to the end of your career than the beginning.

It’s also going to be a difficult transition to the different schemes and the culture change. It has to be easy to be skeptical of “Patriot South” working. I know Bill O’Brien is his own man, but so much of the dialogue (or lack thereof) is very similar to the way New England operates.

Lastly, many quality players left in free agency or were handed their pink slips. Not to mention that the Texans were basically nonexistent in free agency.

What if everything worked out?

There are so many reasons why you and the Texans can be the newest quick turnaround.

There are FOUR things that happened in 2013 that are impossible next season:

  • The defense only creates 11 turnovers over the ENTIRE season.
  • The team goes 2-9 in one possession games.
  • Injuries to a crazy amount of key players.
  • Quarterbacks throw five pick-sixes. (Even if I’m the QB)

Speaking of the quarterback, what if Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t that bad? I have yet to hear anyone say anything good about him that doesn’t pertain to his beard or intelligence level, but he can do a great job here. Please give this a shot before you stop reading.

If you took his past four seasons and projected them over 16 games he would have:

60.6% completion rate, 3,624 yards, 24 TD, and 19 INT.

I understand that isn’t Earth-shattering, but he did this in Buffalo and Tennessee.

Over those four seasons his defenses ranked 28th, 30th, 26th and 16th in points allowed. You can bet that with this draft class and a scheme that isn’t obvious man coverage, the Texans defense will be top five in 2014.

His best receiver over this time period was Steve Johnson. He may be no slouch, but he’s not you. He’s not one of the greatest of all time. He averaged 79 receptions, 1041 yards and 7.7 touchdowns over Fitzpatrick’s last three years in Buffalo.

DeAndre Hopkins was not too far off those numbers in his rookie season. Consider that he played in a system that does not produce big numbers for number two receivers. Don’t forget that the quarterback play was awful.

Think of what you guys could do. You know the offensive line and run game is far better than what he ever had in Buffalo or Tennessee too.

Easier schedule helps

You also have to consider the much easier strength of schedule. This team with a fresh start goes 4-2 at worst within the division. The Texans still have more talent than the rest of the division.

Then there are the home games of Washington, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Baltimore. That’s not exactly Murderer’s Row.

Add in road games at Oakland, New York Giants, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland, and the table is set to get back into the playoffs.

It’s your decision

You’re a Houston sports legend. You deserve to dictate how your story plays out. You’ve been more loyal than most, and been an incredible role model for kids, adult fans, and your peers. Just make the right decision. Realistically there are only a small handful of teams that can contend, and salary cap issues eliminate most of them.

No one wants to see you play for another team, especially if it doesn’t pay off for you in the long run.





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