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Strong Start for Houston Astros Pitcher Scott Feldman

Scott Feldman has had a great start to the 2014 season. He came into Houston to little fanfare and even showed surprise when offered his 3 year, $30 million deal.

I thought that they were more like in a rebuilding, just-going-to-let-all-these-young-guys-play mode, and then after I talked to Bo Porter on the phone, he explained to me, ‘No, no, we’re done with that. We’re trying to win.

So far this season, Feldman’s helping the club to do exactly that. We’re 5-8 as a team, but that doesn’t speak to Scott Feldman’s performance thus far.

His stats are as follows:

3 Games Started
2-0 Record
20.2 Innings Pitched
0.44 ERA
0.72 WHIP
0 HR Allowed
.106 Opponent Batting Avg.
7 Hits and 1 Run Allowed… Over 3 Starts

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These might not seem like crazy numbers to the fan of an average team (in fact, they’re not) but Scott Feldman is quietly earning his position through the first few weeks in the Astros organization.

The Astros were simply looking for someone to eat innings and provide that classic turn of phrase… “Leadership in the Clubhouse”.

So far, I’d say he’s providing that without question, and he’s doing so under difficult circumstances. Last week, Feldman’s father passed away after a long bout with cancer. After finding out about his father’s passing, Scott made sure be ready for his next start, regardless of his present circumstances.

Scott said of his father:

He would be (ticked) if I missed a start

I find that to be incredibly inspiring, and I’m positive the rest of his teammates did as well.

Through both performance on the field, and his actions off the field, Scott Feldman is fast becoming one of my favorite players despite his age and previous playing record. The Astros may have finally found someone to play the role of leader in the rotation.

No matter what, he’s already substantially better than Woody Williams and Jason Jennings combined. Oh, what? You thought I wouldn’t ever bring that up again? Sorry. I just did. That should make you appreciate him more.

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