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Dexter Fowler Doesn't Even Have CSN Houston!!!

This is getting ridiculous.

Houston, we’ve got to take a stand. The majority of our city is STILL without the ability to watch our Rockets and Astros.

This doesn’t stop with us regular folk.

Dexter Fowler, suffering through a hospital visit due to a stomach bug, wasn’t even able to watch his teammates take the field against a division rival.



This is out of hand. When will we all rise up and revolt against Comcast??? Clearly the “wait and see” approach isn’t working. If our hard-working baseball players can’t kick back and take in a game on a sick day, I just don’t know what to tell you.

It’s clearly not getting any better. I mean… I’m not suffering alongside you as I pay nearly the same as people with U-Verse and Dish and DirecTV, and I get to watch our local sports teams each night if I so choose.

But, it’s not about that!! I get it, believe me.

The question remains: Will a deal be worked out, or will this ship finally sink?

I don’t care what channel they’re on. I’m pretty sure none of you do either.

All I care about is the fact that we live in a city that loves it’s sports teams, even though some of you tend not to admit it until the opportune moment *cough* Astros fans *cough*.

In the meantime, find a friend with CSN Houston or visit any of the bars around town that have it.

You certainly won’t be alone.

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