Series Preview: Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees

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Started from the bottom, now we’re here. Started from the bottom, now my whole team’s ******* here.

Those are the immortal words of artist Aubrey Drake Graham, or as most of American knows him, Drake.

I hope the Astros keep this song in mind when they are raising World Series trophies in the next decade and a half. Playing that track after Carlos Correa hits a walk-off grand slam against the Cardinals in game 7 of the of the 2019 World Series would probably be, actually….WOULD BE the greatest sporting moment of my entire life.

Unfortunately for myself and for those of you reading, the fans of the 2014 version of the Houston Astros, we are going to be starting at the bottom and probably staying there for another 162 games of baseball.

However depressing that may be, we do have a lot to look forward to this year.

We’ve got George Springer, who’s crushing balls and stealing bases like nobody’s business in AAA, coming up to the majors around mid-season.

We will get to say, “Au Revoir,” to Lucas Harrell after he inevitably screws up his last chance to stay in the rotation and, consequently, with the Astros.

We get to see if Dallas Keuchel can bounce back from a tough 2013, if Jarred Cosart is the real deal, and if Brett Oberhotltzer is going to be worthy of the fourth or fifth starter spot once Rondon (if the Astros draft him), Mark Appel, and Michael Foltynewicz are in the rotation a few years down the road.

All of these things are moments Astros fans can look forward to witnessing in 2014.

Before you give up on the Astros and their sensible yet painfully long plan, let’s look forward to OPENING DAY 2014!


It’s the greatest day of the year, especially if your team sucks, and the Astros get to kick off their season watching superstars like Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, good Mark Teixeira, good Derek Jeter, Kelly Johnson, Ryan Roberts, bad Derek Jeter come to Minute Maid Park. So let’s kick off our season’s worth of series previews with an optimistic preview of the opening series against the New York Yankees.

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