Could this team make a run for the gold in year one?

New Podcast: What is the Houston Rockets Ceiling This Postseason?

With the talk of playoff seeding and the final stretch run beginning to take center stage for the Houston Rockets, the thoughts of what the ceiling for this year’s team is has also begun to grow louder. Most fans said at the beginning of the season that anything less than a western conference finals appearance would be a letdown, but I’ve never used Houston fan logic as a barometer. Remember, this is the base that I asked in the preseason if they’d be content with the Texans starting 5-2 last year and the overwhelming majority said no.

Being in the western conference is tricky because this team could finish anywhere between the two and the five seed rather easily. One small slide by any of the top six teams could change things drastically. I hear so much fear mongering from fans about not wanting to play the Clippers or the Thunder in the postseason and I get it. But as a great man once said; to be the man, you have to beat the man and right now, both of those teams are the man in regards to Houston.

A big part of the NBA postseason is all about the match ups. As of this moment, Houston is sitting pretty in that they match up well against Portland and San Antonio; their likely first two potential opponents. They’ve played them both well in the regular season, but don’t think the Spurs are a pushover once the bright lights come on. To get to the Finals, they’ll have to go through Los Angeles or Oklahoma City; but not having to do so until the conference finals would be a nice treat.

For more in-depth thoughts on playoff seeding, where this team could ultimately go this year and if James Harden has future league MVP potential, as well as the Melo rumors, give the new podcast a listen below.

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